A Dead Giveaway.

Hi folks.
With Myspace dying a slow death,
I’ve decided to put some of my old demos up on here for download.
…With a Neil Young cover for good measure.

Click on the buttons on the right hand side of the players below for download options, images and more information etc…

Neil Young: “Through My Sails”.

A very underated song from Neil Young’s album “Zuma”.

I was searching youtube to see if Neil had ever performed the song live (I didn’t think he did) and all i could find were a few folk covering the song.

I had a guitar at hand and my recording gear was all up and running so, what the hell, I decided to knock out my own version.

Although it’s rough and more than messy, i put it up on http://www.myspace.com/brokenglasseye as a free download.
I’m sure i must be breaking a few rules by doing this and so i’ll take it down at the weekend.

However, I had a wee go at making a video for it and it’s now on youtube.

Here it is here:

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