What Does A Tickle Look Like?

Well, I don’t think I need to introduce you to this guy…

Ah, Mr. Tickle.
Probably the first guy that I idolised.
I remember reading the Mr Tickle book as a wee boy and thinking how cool it would be if I could lie in bed and stretch my arms out of the window, down the road, across town, up and in through some unsuspecting victim’s window and tickle them!

I’d probably get arrested if I pulled a stunt like that in real life.

This week marks 40 years of Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Men books and I’m so glad that they’re still around.
I have all of those books (Including all of The Little Miss ones too!) and one at a time, I’m slowly giving them to my Niece and Nephew to read.
My Nephew likes to read them and my Niece likes to eat the pages.
“Whatever makes you happy!” I always say 🙂

The Mr Men story started way back in 1971 when one morning, Roger Hargreaves’ Son asked him this question:
“What does a tickle look like?”
And so, Mr Tickle was born!

From the Mr Men website:

The small, white square form at of Mr. Men and Little Miss storybooks were an instant success, selling more than one million copies in the first three years alone. From the books, the Mr. Men were later immortalised by the BBC in the 1970’s in a TV series with legendary British actor Arthur Lowe as narrator.

Since the 1980’s, the books, TV series and a weatlth of other products have become available all over the world. Today you can find the Mr. Men or Little Misses as clothing, DVD’s, sweets, toys, toiletries, medical care, bags, novelty gifts, stationery, homeware, digital apps and more. A Mr. Men book is now sold every 2.5 seconds worldwide!

In 2011, as the characters celebrate their 40th anniversary, the affection felt for the assortment of diverse characters by the generations raised with these books is stronger than ever before. Mr. Men and Little Miss are so versatile, they appeal to everyone. It really is the world’s biggest, brightest, funniest self expression brand.

Adam Hargreaves, the boy whose question spawned this global empire, is now the writer and illustrator of the world’s most recognisable books.

So it’s a very Happy 40th Birthday to The Mr Men and as a special treat, I’m gonna show you something REALLY COOL!
All you have to do is click HERE.

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