Sketches For Nobody #6.

I’ve called these ‘Sketches For Nobody’ but that’s not really true. These are all working ideas for something or other.
For years and years I’ve been throwing my working sketches away because they don’t mean anything to me after a certain point but as I get older, I’m starting to keep everything.

This is a working character sketch for a comic strip I’ve been working on called “COWAN: Homicide” which is about a cop working in 1980’s Shettleston, Glasgow.
Hopefully, I’ll have that up and running within the next few weeks.

This is a random sketch done at work to pass the time on a slow day.

Above is a working sketch for the character of a friend’s short story.

And then we have, a speedy and very jaggy sketch of L. Frank Baum’s Scarecrow from “The Wizard Of Oz”.

Lastly, this was a quick character drawing for the album cover artwork that I did for the band V For Vagina.

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Album Artwork: “A Circus Of Vaginas”.

Hi folks, here is my latest album cover artwork for “A Circus Of Vaginas” which is the debut of Glasgow lesbian Punk outfit, V For Vagina.

When will the album be released?
I don’t know.

Where can you buy the album from?
What am I, a swami? I just draw the pictures okay?

Do you know anything about anything Al?
– YES! A Woman’s heart beats faster than a Man’s and that’s a fact!

From sketching out the layout ideas to the finished piece, all in all, the album artwork took around 9 days to complete. I used a black bic biro pen (my favourite artistic implement) and some thick children’s coloured pencils on heavy duty, rough grained paper.

V For Vagina gave me one of the best illustration briefs I’ve ever received. They said:
So long as it says: ‘Circus!‘, ‘Punk!‘ and ‘Lesbian!‘, and includes the colours red and yellow, you can do whatever you want with this album cover Al.”

So I did.

For Illustration Queries, contact:

If you are interested in a copy of “A Circus Of Vaginas”, contact:
V For Vagina on Facebook by clicking HERE.
Me on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Here are some details from the cover…

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