Jack Nicholson Does Stuff.

Here is a picture of Jack Nicholson being a rat:

And here’s Jack Nicholson making a very interesting face while knocking on a door.
Jack is an expert at multi-tasking:

Here’s a picture of Jack Nicholson touching Batman’s shoulder:

Here we have Jack Nicholson raising his eyebrows and smiling and in general, just being Jack Nicholson:

Here’s one of Jack Nicholson baing super classy and having great hair:

But this…
This is probably my favourite.
Here is Jack Nicholson being…Jack Nicholson:

That’s my new desktop background image right there!
Visit Jack Nicholson Does Stuff for all of these and many more!

The Alternate Mr Men Books.

As I said in the last post, this week marks 4o years of Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Men books and to celebrate, why don’t you get a load of THESE!

Pretty cool eh?
Someone or some company called Seven Hundred made those and guess what else?
They’ve made LOADS more!

“Batman: The Killing Joke”.

I just finished reading “Batman: The Killing Joke” by Alan Moore and I was very impressed.
I bought it a couple of months ago and I’m still knocked out by Brian Bolland‘s cover artwork.

Before you say it, I know that the inside artwork was re-coloured for the deluxe version.
Digging around online, I found Bolland’s uncoloured original illustration.

I’m a newcomer to comic books and graphic novels but judging by the standards of “The Killing Joke” and “Watchmen” it looks like I’m gonna be spending a lot of pennies in the near future.
I’d recommend “The Killing Joke”.
The artwork is gloriously good and The Joker is a fucking loopy-loo crazy, murderous psychopath!


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