The Soundtrack To My Life. 10/04/2013.

The Next Day

Record: The Next Day.
Artist: David Bowie.
Year: 2013.
Standout Track…

Mule Variations

Record: Mule Variations.
Artist: Tom Waits.
Year: 1999.
Standout Track… (And the Audio doesn’t kick in until the 50 second mark)…

The Dark Side Of The Moon 1

Record: The Dark Side Of The Moon.
Artist: The Flaming Lips, Stardeath And The White Dwarfs. Featuring Henry Rollins & Peaches.
Year: 2009.
Standout Track…

The Invisible Way

Record: The Invisible Way.
Artist: LOW.
Year: 2013.
Standout Track…

In Concert (CD1)

Record: The Doors In Concert.
Artist: The Doors.
Year: Various (Because it’s a compilation live album).
Standout Track…

The Capitol Recordings (CD1) Louis Prima

Record: The Capitol Recordings. Disc 1 (Of 6).
Artist: Louis Prima, Keely Smith & Sam Butera.
Year: Various.
Standout Track…

The Division Bell

Record: The Division Bell.
Artist: Pink Floyd.
Year: 1994.
Standout Track…

Ladies Of The Canyon

Record: Ladies Of The Canyon.
Artist: Joni Mitchell.
Year: 1970.
Standout Track…

Forever Endeavour (Deluxe Version)

Record: Forever Endeavour.
Artist: Ron Sexsmith.
Year: 2013.
Standout Track…

A Hard Day's Night

Record: A Hard Day’s Night.
Artist: The Beatles.
Year: 1964.
Standout Track…

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