Tim Burton’s “Addams Family”.

I just heard the news.

Tim Burton is apparently gonna make the latest “Addams Family” film.

How do ya like them apples?

I’m into this.

Remember Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland”?
Remember how I was originally excited about it?
Remember how much I hated it?

I suppose it could go that way again but there’s a few wee reasons why I don’t think it will.

The story goes that Burton’s “Addams Family” will be stop-motion.
You only have to look at the likes of “Vincent” to see how well he works in this style of animation.

(Like everything these days…)
It’s to be filmed in 3D.

Personally when I hear “3D” I tend to think “YAWN” but also,
The film will take inspiration and atmosphere directly from Charles Addams original illustrations which first appeared in “The New Yorker“:

What does everyone else think of this?

I mean,
“The Addams Family” was originally gloriously dark and macabre and it’s Tim Burton afterall.

Can he do it?

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