Alternative Movie Posters. PART 2: Victor Hertz.

These are special.

Following on from Part I, today we have…
Pictogram Movie Posters by Viktor Hertz!

Visit Mr. Hertz’ Flickr stream HERE.

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Susan’s Custom Creepy Dolls.

Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself:

“I wish I had a creepy Bette Davis doll from the film “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” and I wish I also had one of Joan Crawford to go with it.”?
– Goddamn, I know I have plenty of times.

I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve thought about getting myself a Two Headed Dead Baby Doll or a Cabbage Patch Doll with a smashed in face.
You probably feel the same right?
I thought so.
Well don’t you worry folks because Ol’ Uncle Al has found the exact kind of fucked up shit that you’ve no doubt been too shy to admit to wanting all of your life.

Yep, I know.
I could hardly contain my excitment too.
A lady called Susan made these.
She’s an ex-mortician and taxidermist and therefore: My kind of person and get this, she actually has made a Cabbage Patch Doll with a smashed in face!

To see that and all of her other corpse cool creations, visit:

Laurie Lipton’s “Day Of The Dead”.

Check this out:

Ain’t that just lovely!
I hope that’s exactly what I’m doing when I’m a corpse.
The artist is Laurie Lipton and it’s part of her “Day Of The Dead” series.
For more great dead things like this:

And this:

Her website is right HERE.

(Lookout for her Haunted Dolls House!)

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