Illustration: The Evolution Of A Skeleton.

I did this for a gig poster…


I’ll post more details about the gig when I find them out but I do that it’s in Glasgow sometime in October. Here’s how the illustration started…




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Tom Waits: “Hell Broke Luce”.

I turned on the T.V. today and watched 2 Rhianna videos back to back.
I’d never heard any of her music before but today I quickly discovered that she is shit!

Her music is dire!
Her music videos…Jesus Christ!

Both of her songs featured embarassing schoolgirl lyrics about how she didn’t need men in her life and how she’s a modern Woman and all that but both of the videos were full of her getting her pancake-like tits out for loads of different men.
A cheap slut on an even cheaper CGI’d beach.

Her videos look like bad adverts for package holidays to Malaga. 
They could do with a gruff, stomping mad man who pulls his entire house on a rusty chain through the depths of Hell which is filled with the giant murderous skeletons of dead Nazi’s, amazing animation and creepy Great White Shark-shaped submarines.

Rhianna’s videos could definitely do with some of those things but that’s never gonna happen.
– And it doesn’t need to because the latest Tom Waits video for “Hell Broke Luce” is here and it features all of those things and a helluva lot more…

Laurie Lipton’s “Day Of The Dead”.

Check this out:

Ain’t that just lovely!
I hope that’s exactly what I’m doing when I’m a corpse.
The artist is Laurie Lipton and it’s part of her “Day Of The Dead” series.
For more great dead things like this:

And this:

Her website is right HERE.

(Lookout for her Haunted Dolls House!)

Abra Cadaver!

Ever used to watch “Tales From The Crypt“?
I loved that show.

I’ve been making my way through it all recently and I’m up to series (Or Season) 3.
It seems like everyone in Hollywood starred in an episode at one point.
Even your old pal Danny Elfman wrote the theme tune!
(Although Danny Elfman writes the theme tunes for everything doesn’t he).

“Tales From The Crypt” is basically a big kids creepy comic book anthology of horror and I loved it at the time and I love it even more these days!
It’s right up there with “The Twilight Zone“.
When it was bad it was terrible but when it was good you’d get episodes like this one…

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