Vic Galloway Mentions “Love Lust Tales” On The Wireless.

Hi folks, Graeme from Louise McVey & The Cracks In The Concrete sent me a message yesterday to tell me that the album got a mention on Vic Galloway’s Radio Scotland show on Monday night with a special mention for the “excellent artwork”.

It’s about 48 minutes into the programme and for the next 3 days only, you can hear it by clicking HERE.

I dunno who Vic Galloway is but I like him already 🙂

The Smug Twitter “Fail Whale”.

I think most of us these days are pretty familliar with seeing this:

I’ve cropped that picture.
Friendly as that Whale looks,
It’s actually a smug bastard who works for Twitter and usually appears along with this message:

I hate that stupid Whale and its “I don’t give a fuck” Whale face.

I hate the way it pulls me down and doesn’t let me use my 140 characters on Twitter to write my sharp as fuck and hilarious microblog.
It pulls us all down really…

I think we should do something about it fellow Twits!
Lets put an end to this stupid Moby Dickhead!

Here’s what I think we should do:

WE turn the tables on this poor mans Monstro and pull IT down:

We give it a second blow hole using our old friend The Harpoon:

I don’t know where we should go from there but what about sushi?:

Basically all I’m saying is this:

I hate this annoying Shamu imposter and I think it’s time that it slept with the fishes.

Let’s take this Mother down.
Let’s take it all the way down to Chinatown.

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