Carl Warner’s Foodscapes.

See this?:

Well that’s no ordinary picture or photo.
That is an actual scene made entirely from food!
– Red cabbage mostly.

The talent behind that is artist & photographer Carl Warner and he didn’t just make one.

* Coconut haystacks:

* Hot air balloons made of a variety of fruit and veg soar over fields of asparagus, courgettes, beans and corn :

* A pea pod boat sails on a sea of salmon away from a land made from bread and potatoes:

* He cites the films “The Wizard Of Oz” and “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” among his influences:

I think my favourite one is the salmon sea.
Here’s a photo of the man himself at work:

Carl says:
“Although I’m very hands-on, I do use model makers and food stylists to help me create the sets.
I tend to start with a drawing which I sketch out in order to get the composition worked out”

His website can be found right HERE.
Buy prints of Carl’s Foodscapes HERE.

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