Utterly, Butterly, Weird.


Let me ask you something.
What do the following things have in common?:




A Robot.


A Car.


Now think about it.
What do all those things have in common?

Did you get it?

That’s right!
They’re all weirdo sex fetishes that weirdos have!

As you will see HERE,
The wool one is particularly funny and disturbing all at once.

I mean,
I’m not out to offend anyone.
I’m not.
What people do with their time is up to them but,

But hang on dear people!
I have saved the best one for last.

People Who Have It Off With Butter!

A good friend of mine kindly pointed a website out to me where I read a thing on a forum:

“First time poster and looking for some advice….

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. We were both married before.

The other night, he admitted to me that he had a butter/lard fetish and asked (respectfully!) if we could bring butter into the bedroom.

Needless to say, I was hesitant as I do NOT have this same fetish.

Anyone out here experience this? I figured this was the place to be if I were gonna find others with this same situation…

Thanks in advance”.

The replies are worrying.
Read them at ‘The Place to be’ she mentioned:

http://www.butteriswhaticrave.com HERE.

Do you think it also works with margarine?

The Body Farm.

Look at this:

The Body Farm

“The University of Tennesse’s Forensic Anthropology Research Facility”.

-Otherwise known as ‘The Body Farm’.

I forget where I heard about The Body Farm.
I know it was a long time ago and I only recently remembered about it and googled it.

The Body Farm is basically a research centre in Knoxville, Tennessee U.S.A and what they do there is study the effects of decomposition on the human body in a variety of different situations:
Exposure, Submerged, That kind of thing etc…

Wikipedia will probably explain it better than I can:

A body farm is a research facility where human decomposition after death can be scientifically studied in a variety of settings. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the decomposition process, permitting the development of techniques for extracting information (such as the timing and circumstances of death) from human remains. Body farm research is particularly important within forensic anthropology and related disciplines, and has applications in the fields of law enforcement, medical examination and crime scene investigation. There are currently three such facilities in the United States with the farm at Texas State University being the largest“.

For the full Wikipedia article,
Click Here.

Yeah so,
Very interesting y’gotta admit.

Like I said,
I’d completely forgotten about this place.
I’m working on some pretty morbid illustrations just now and re-discovered it while doing a wee bit of online research.

I think this type of thing could only happen in America.
I’m not against this either so don’t get me wrong.
I just can’t imagine this approach to research being approved in The UK.

Whatever you think,
As per usual,
I have tracked down a video for those interested.

Some of it ain’t pretty but don’t worry.
I’m not out to scar you kids for life here.
All the same,
View with caution etc…etc…

PS: Incidentally, The Body Farm is proving to be a great help with my illustrations.

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