The Soundtrack To My Life. 31/07/2011.

The Beatles. “Rubber Soul” (1965):

Bob Dylan’s “Nashville Skyline” (1969):

The Velvet Underground’s “Loaded”- The Fully Loaded Edition (1970):

Iggy Pop. “Lust For Life” (1977):

Guns ‘N’ Roses. “Appetite For Destruction” (1987):

At first glance I suppose these albums could look weird together but that’s what I’ve been listening to this week and if you think about it, they make sense together.

As well as the music, I really love the album artwork on all of those records.
Especially Dylan’s “Nashville Skyline” and Iggy Pop’s “Lust For Life”. I always have a laugh to myself when I see Iggy’s smiling face looking out from a shelf in a record shop.

The Soundtrack To My Life. 02/07/2011.

This week I have been mostly listening to:

Neil Young’s live album “A Treasure” (2011):

Levon Helm’s live album “Ramble At The Ryman” (2011):

Elvis Presley’s first album “Elvis Presley” (1956):

The Dead Boys’ “We Have Cum For Your Children” (1978):

The Complete Soundtrack to John Carpenter’s “Christine” (1983):

“Destroy All Astromen!” (1994) by the band: Man…Or Astroman?:

Ah yes, and at night I’ve been listening to the sinister tones of the great Vincent Price on his creepy album “A Graveyard Of Ghost Tales” (1973):

You should probably do yourself a favour and try to find at least  some of these records.

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