My Name Is Prince And I Am Petite!

Yesterday I found this:

That was made by Troy Qua. You may recognise his style from the film “Team America”.

That amazing little Prince figure is one of many and from a project called ‘Le Petit Prince’.


Like I said, Troy has made loads of these wee figures and I had planned to post a few photos of them up on here so I went to Troy’s website and sadly…

“Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this – I have been issued a cease & desist order from Prince’s attorneys. This means that the Le Petit Prince project has reached its untimely end and must be removed from the internet by Friday, November 16, 4pm PST. There are many points touched upon in the order, and I will, of course, comply with their demands, whether I agree with them as matters of artistic freedom or not. I simply do not wish to fight with my hero, and it is terribly disheartening to think that he may hold ill will towards me and this project. I wrote back to the attorneys and told them I would indeed comply, but wanted to address some of the issues brought up in their letter. I’d like to share these paragraphs with you, which contains sentiments that I hold dear and true:

“Any products sold are returning no profit to me – they are simply a meager means to fund and continue the LPP project, which is a work of fine art. And this funding, I would argue, is anything but “ill-gotten gains”. That term pains me, as I do not intend, nor have I ever intended to profit from Prince without his consent. I have, in fact, refused countless pleas to recreate the sculpture and make it available for sale because I felt that that would indeed be attempting to profit illegally. The recreation of album art and iconic imagery, on the other hand, I felt was within my creative rights as an artist. This is artwork that I have made as a loving tribute to an artist that has inspired me for decades, and has shaped the person I have become. And this tribute has grown into something that I never foresaw nor intended – a joyful and positive experience for many, many people around the world. It has, to my utter amazement, brought so much happiness to so many, building a following and a momentum that has demanded it endure and expand.

I have, actually, attempted through modest connections to Mr. Nelson, to contact him to no avail. He is not an easy person to reach out to. I, on the other hand, am very easy to engage, and was actually, perhaps foolishly, hoping for contact from him regarding this project in a much more congenial form. If I had any possible way of reaching Mr. Nelson to ask him his thoughts on this matter or to propose a creative business venture, believe me, I would have. I would love nothing more, and would relish the opportunity to do so, still.”

The words “thank you” could never adequately qualify the truly staggering gratitude I feel towards everyone who fueled the passion for this project with their words of support and praise, with their love and positivity, and with their all around good will. This project grew into what it became because of you. Although I am saddened beyond words that it has reached its end, and that it has ended this way, I am also deeply grateful and happy beyond words that I’ve had this rare opportunity to make so many new friends, to make so many people smile, and to make so many tiny sets of funky clothes.

The LPP Project was about love, admiration, and positivity. It put smiles on many faces around the globe, and I am humbled by the support that LPP’s fans have shown as the project is put to bed. Let’s remember the smiles and the joy and leave a little memorial for LPP. He may not be able to be shown, but he can certainly be remembered! We had fun, didn’t we?

I hope we can continue to be in touch in another corner of this great big universe somewhere. And I hope you had fun. I know I did.

For LPP, Troy Gua signing off…



What a shame.

If you want to see some more of his amazing Prince work, click HERE.

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The Soundtrack To My Life. 04/02/2012.

“The Chocolate Invasion”. (2004).
Artist: Prince.
Why You Should Get It: IF you can get it! This was released at the time through Prince’s website but you could probably download it somewhere in an illegal fashion. – And you should because it contains some of the sexiest music you’ll hear since you last turned the lights down low and spun your copy of Barry White’s Greatest Hits!

“The Chess Story: 1947-1975”. (1999).
Artist: Various.
Why You Should Get It: You’ll probably HAVE to illegally download this because if you can find it, it will set you back HUNDREDS of dollars and that’s only IF you can find it. 

What we’re talking about here my friends, is 13 discs packed full of the best known and most obscure blues music and artists from 1947 all the way through to 1975! It’s a helluva lot to make your way through but if you love the blues as much as I do then you will love every minute and when you get done, there are 2 more discs chock full of interviews from some of the key players associated with the Chess Recording Label.

“Love And Theft”. (2001)
Artist: Bob Dylan.
Why You Should Get It: It’s Bob Dylan. You should already have this!
Interestingly enough this record was released on September 11th, 2001. I don’t play this a lot at home and I really don’t know why. It’s a GREAT record and Dylan has an amazing band behind him. It’s especially interesting to listen to the song “Mississippi” what with the 3 different versions which were released on the “Tell Tale Signs” records.

For my ears, the best version of “Mississippi” is on the first disc from “Tell Tale Signs” but “Love And Theft” has loads going for it. I have pals who tell me that Bob going through the Rock & Roll bluesy motions just doesn’t do it for them but (And as I often tell my pals) MY GOD MAN! Just take a listen to ‘Po’ Boy’! You can actually see those cherries falling off the plate!

“Rarities”. (2003).
Artist: Ron Sexsmith.
Why You Should Get It: Ron Sexsmith’s voice and songwriting skills are worth whatever he wants to charge. We should think ourselves lucky really.

There are a few gems on here but most notably; his take on The Boomtown Rats’ ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ and his original recording of his own ‘Gold In Them Hills’ before Chris Martin from Coldplay had the AUDACITY to overdub his own vocals over it without even asking Ron’s permission.

“Kisses On The Bottom”. (2012).
Artist: Paul McCartney.
Why You Should Get It: You probably don’t really need this. I love Paul McCartney and I always listen to whatever he comes out with even if it’s only once. I think this is an album for McCartney and an ‘only once’ album for me.

It’s McCartney doing old dance hall hits and poppy jazz standards which we’ve all heard a million times and a million times better by other folk. “Kisses On the Bottom” is nice enough (Funny title too) but it’s the kind of thing you’ll end up hearing for free if you sit in a bookshop or a coffee shop for long enough.

“City To City” .(2001).
Artist: Gerry Rafferty.
Why You Should Get It: I don’t know whether you should get this or not. This is one of those albums that I bought at the time because I liked the front cover only to find that the music didn’t do much for me. I suppose you either love Gerry Rafferty’s music or just think it’s…okay.

His biggest hit ‘Baker Street’ is on this album and it’s still great but a lot of the other songs mostly just sound like any other 70’s guitar records to me. Of course, that’s not a bad thing and the difference is that Rafferty’s recordings are so much more polished than most of the music from other arrtists from the same time.
I liked his “Can I Have My Money Back” album better because it sounded more honest and if I’m honest here, I don’t like ‘Hits’.

“Alice’s Restaurant”. (1967).
Artist: Arlo Guthrie.
Why You Should Get It: The title track.

As ever, I’m always interested in hearing anything that I haven’t already so if there’s something which you think I should listen to, drop me a line.

The Soundtrack To My Life. 06/08/2011.

Prince’s mysterious and hard to find acoustic album “The Truth” (1997):

The Cramps, “A Date With Elvis” (1986):

The soundtrack from “The Devil’s Rejects” (2005):

The Misfits’ “Night Of The Living Dead” Single (1979):

ZZ Top’s “Eliminator” (1983):

Cab Calloway’s “Are You Hep To The Jive?” (1994):

This is what I’ve been listening to whilst clearing out my flat all week and I must urge you to go out and find that Prince album at the top of the list.
“The Truth” is mainly an acoustic album from Prince and it was released as a sort of bonus disc to his 3 Disc “Crystall Ball” Collection in 1998.

“The Truth” is nothing short of sheer magic all the way through and I’ve been telling everyone I know about it ever since I managed to find a copy in a second hand record shop years ago. For me, the stand out track is the title track which features an alarm clock and the loudest, longest, most over the top scream from Prince that you’ll ever hear from anyone in your life!

A close second favourite of mine is the track “Dionne” which will blow your mind away with it’s multi layered harmonies, simple acoustic guitar and lots of other little studio surprises which leave you on the floor thinking “What?”
If you can find it, get yourself “The Truth“.

My favourite song of the week comes from the soundtrack to “The Devil’s Rejects” and it’s called “Fooled Around And Fell In Love” by Elvin Bishop. I must have listened to that 20 times this week already!
I don’t know anything about Elvin Bishop but I’m off to see if I can find out.

An Old Man Thing.

I’ve found myself doing some ‘Old Man’ things lately.

There’s no good reason for it.
I was born on November 1981.
I’m 28.

I live alone so maybe that’s got something to do with it but I’ve always been like that so I doubt it.

This morning,
I spent a good half an hour looking…
No, staring at people out the window, wondering where they were going.
That’s an Old Man thing.

My ‘Old Man’ things don’t stop there though.

When I see half naked 20 year old drunk girls with legs that go on forever sauntering down Albion Street at 4 in the morning,
My first thought is: ‘Idiots. They must be fucking freezing’.

I go to bed late and get up early.
I make a sort of ‘Acccchhhhaye’ sound when I get out of a chair.
I hate clubs and luminous drinks.
I hate text speak and internet slang.
I hate that kids play swimming games on Wii’s instead of going swimming.

I spend far too much time remembering things too.
I remember…

When you had East & West Germany.

When you could go to a gig with a heavy, glass paneled beer tanker and ‘Ear Defenders’ weren’t advised or on offer.

When 10 cigarettes cost 75p and you could buy them from Woolworths (for your Granny) and smoke them in the cinema.

When only skinny people wore ‘skinny’ jeans and they weren’t called ‘Skinny jeans’. They were just called jeans.

Standing on top of a Police van and seeing Radiohead at T In The Park and wondering who they were.

Watching THIS, Live Aid and the fall of the Berlin Wall live on telly with my Family.

When T.V. stopped for the night and The National Anthem was played just like THIS.

When Johnny Depp was ‘that guy whose bed ate him’.

When film studios had original ideas.

Taping Prince’s latest single ‘Partyman’ off the radio.

Betamax, Laser and Flexi Discs and how much I hated them.

When Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Billy Connolly & Al Pacino looked like THIS, THIS, THIS & THIS.

I remember when Steve Martin’s hair wasn’t white.

Alright, alright.
I don’t actually remember when Steve Martin didn’t have white hair but look!
Apparently at one time he didn’t!

I’m moaning here.
That’s an ‘Old Man’ thing.

Fuck it.
I’ve always been old.
I was born old.

I like hanging about with older people.
I like listening to older people with stories to tell.
I like memories and folk who’ve done things in their lives.
I like hearing about the way things were.
I like to lean on railings in the afternoon and watch the town.

I like change too.
Obviously I like change!
You need it.

I still play on the swings on Glasgow Green every time I get the chance.
But these days,
I bring bread with me to feed the birds.

That’s an ‘Old Man’ thing.

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