GLASGOW. A Sketch Book By John Nisbet.

“I remembered how you love Glasgow and I always see you doing your drawings, Al…” she’d said as she handed me the small brown A5 book. She’d found it whilst cleaning out her loft.

Anne had given me a book called “Glasgow. A Sketch Book By John Nisbet”.

I gave it a quick glance and thanked her very much. After all, It’s not every day that someone gives you a book of sketches from the 1970’s is it? Except this book wasn’t from the 1970’s at all! I’d just assumed it was! It just looked like a book from the 70’s. Very good condition but…old and…beige, y’know? Anyway, when I got home I properly looked at the book and discovered that it was from 1913! A sketch book of Glasgow from 100 years ago!

A few days later, I did the right thing and sold it on Ebay for a FORTUNE!
The End.

Just kidding. I actually tried to persuade Anne to take the book back. “It might be worth something! It’s a hundred years old!” I told her. But nope, the book was mine so thanks and thanks again Anne!

I remember once hearing that copyright expires after a period of 90 years or so. I do hope that’s true because I have decided to scan and upload each and every page of this wonderful book so that you can all enjoy it!

A lot has changed in Glasgow over the past 100 years and yet, looking at these drawings, Glasgow is still very recognisable…





























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The Old College Bar, Glasgow.

This is a photo of the inside of The Old College Bar on High Street, Glasgow:

I like it here.
It’s dark as fuck all of the time and I’ve spent many a midnight sat right there in the middle of that bar.
It’s basically a seedy juke-joint.

Last year John from the bar did me a huge favour.
But that’s none of your buisness.

I asked him if there was anything I could do for him and he said:
“Aye. Come in here to this bar one time when nobody’s around with your camera and take pictures of the entire bar for me”.
When I asked him why he said:
“Because. I want to build a fucking replica of this bar in my house!”

I just thought to myself:
“Fair enough”.

So here we are John:
(Click on the photos to enlarge them).

P.S: All of these photos were taken in the middle of the afternoon.

The Tolbooth Steeple, Glasgow (PART II).

…From PART I

These pictures are from a 1915 report on the future of the Tolbooth Steeple at Glasgow Cross..
One idea was to dismantle the steeple and move it across the road where the Mercat building is.

The Plans:

I think the idea was to completely open up the High Street to allow for more traffic.
They might have been onto something because these days, the heavy amount of traffic around the steeple is causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

I think the steeple would have slotted into that spot just fine although,
I like it where it is.

The Trongate, Glasgow.

I’ve got a bit of an obsession going on with the Trongate area of Glasgow.
It’s one of the oldest streets in Glasgow and these days I’m spending more and more time down there.
I was thinking the other day about how little the Trongate seems to have changed over the years.

For instance,
I took this photo 2 days ago:

And here’s a drawing of the area facing the same direction from 1774:

I’ve been looking for photographs of Glasgow Cross and Trongate for 2 weeks now.
Here are some of the more interesting ones…

Looking West, 1770:

A lithograph depicting the visit of Queen Victoria to Glasgow in 1849:

Looking East, 1860:



Looking West,
This is an oil painting of the Trongate circa 1770-1790 by an unknown artist:

Notice the now demolished tollbooth to the right of the painting attached to the Clock Tower/Steeple.
That clock tower still stands and is well loved.

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