The Soundtrack To My Life. 10/04/2013.

The Next Day

Record: The Next Day.
Artist: David Bowie.
Year: 2013.
Standout Track…

Mule Variations

Record: Mule Variations.
Artist: Tom Waits.
Year: 1999.
Standout Track… (And the Audio doesn’t kick in until the 50 second mark)…

The Dark Side Of The Moon 1

Record: The Dark Side Of The Moon.
Artist: The Flaming Lips, Stardeath And The White Dwarfs. Featuring Henry Rollins & Peaches.
Year: 2009.
Standout Track…

The Invisible Way

Record: The Invisible Way.
Artist: LOW.
Year: 2013.
Standout Track…

In Concert (CD1)

Record: The Doors In Concert.
Artist: The Doors.
Year: Various (Because it’s a compilation live album).
Standout Track…

The Capitol Recordings (CD1) Louis Prima

Record: The Capitol Recordings. Disc 1 (Of 6).
Artist: Louis Prima, Keely Smith & Sam Butera.
Year: Various.
Standout Track…

The Division Bell

Record: The Division Bell.
Artist: Pink Floyd.
Year: 1994.
Standout Track…

Ladies Of The Canyon

Record: Ladies Of The Canyon.
Artist: Joni Mitchell.
Year: 1970.
Standout Track…

Forever Endeavour (Deluxe Version)

Record: Forever Endeavour.
Artist: Ron Sexsmith.
Year: 2013.
Standout Track…

A Hard Day's Night

Record: A Hard Day’s Night.
Artist: The Beatles.
Year: 1964.
Standout Track…

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The Amazing Wheelharp!

This is a Wheelharp:

The Wheelharp

Despite looking positively Victorian, The Wheelharp is a a new keyboard controlled instrument with 61 strings (a full chromatic scale) which are bowed with actual bows! The Wheelharp also allows for different bowing intensities as well as having fully fitted damper and electric pick-up systems!

So how exactly does it work?

When the player presses any key (or keys) on The Wheelharp, the action moves the selected key (or keys)  respective string(s) toward a rotating wheel with a rosined edge, thereby bowing the string(s).

With the right pedal, the player controls the speed of a motor that turns the wheel, which varies the bowing speed of the wheel against the string and thus changes the dynamic effect. For instance, the wheel speed and the key depth can both be used to create swells and decrescendos. The action for each note can easily be removed as necessary for maintenance or string replacement.

The left pedal controls a full damper system that extends across the strings. An electromagnetic pickup floats above the strings and a piezoelectric pickup is mounted to the soundboard, allowing for the player to fully control the amplified timbre of The Wheelharp.

Here is a demonstration video of The Wheelharp in action:

The Wheelharp has been developed by Antiquity Music and manufacturing is expected to begin in June 2013.

How much will it cost?

Pricing (Linear Model or Radial Model):
* 5-octave range: $11,900
* 4-octave range: $10,900
* 3-octave range: $9,900

It’s already been described as a “Steampunk version of an orchestral sound library” which in other words means that if you want one, you’d better get one before either Tom Waits or The Flaming Lips buy the lot of them up and connect them together and end the entire World!

For much more information on The Wheelharp, including its history and musical demos, please visit the Antiquity Music site which is right HERE.

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The Soundtrack To My Life. 18/01/2013.

Hi folks! Here are some of the records I’ve been listening to over the past few weeks…

Record: Fashion Nugget.
Artist: Cake.
Year: 1996.

Cake? What kind of a name for a band is that? I heard Cake’s ‘Frank Sinatra’ song on an episode of “The Sopranos” years ago and always liked it. I never bothered to investigate the band any further than that until last week when I got “Fashion Nugget”. They’re an okay band but I think I only like the Sinatra song…

The Black Belles

Record: The Black Belles.
Artist: The Black Belles.
Year: 2011.

I found The Black Belles because they’re signed to Third Man Records which is home to one of my favourite bands Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three. Jack White (Of Jack White fame) is also part of Third Man and I think he even signed The Black Belles.

I like Jack White. I like to listen to him talk but his music doesn’t really do much for me. That’s okay but what’s weird is that The Black Belles do a lot for me and I know that their music sounds a lot like Jack White’s music. Strange. Maybe it’s because The Black Belles are girls. Maybe it’s because they all look great in those black hats. Maybe it’s just because they have better songs than Jack White.

I think that The Black Belles are a band to watch out for in the future!

Orphans (1) Brawlers

Record: Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards.
Artist: Tom Waits.
Year: Recorded 1985-2005. Released 2006.

My mate Sean go me into Tom Waits. I think it was maybe last year. I remember asking him which albums I should get and he said: “All of them. Get ALL of them.” So that’s exactly what I did.

“Orphans” is a big ballsy 3 record set and there’s something for everybody on there. This is my favourite track from the set and probably my favourite Tom Waits song in general…

That's Why God Made The Radio

Record: That’s Why God Made The Radio.
Artist: The Beach Boys.
Year: 2012.

Everybody loves The Beach Boys don’t they? How could a person not? It’s nice to see that they’re still capable of writing a good tune when they want to…

SinatraCollection [Converted]

Record: Live At The Meadowlands.
Artist: Frank Sinatra.
Year: Recorded 1986. Released 2009.

Frank Sinatra Live At The Meadowlands is such an incredibly good recording that I can’t even find any videos to represent it on Youtube. If you’re even a casual Sinatra fan the you should buy this record.

Because I can’t find anything to do with it on Youtube, here’s a video of Frank recording the song “It Was A Very Good Year”…


Record: Old Ideas.
Artist: Leonard Cohen.
Year: 2012.

Y’know how Leonard Cohen’s early records were sort of mournful and acoustic? And then remember how his early 90’s records were more synthesizer based? Well “Old Ideas” is a sort of mixture of both.

In The Jungle Groove

Record: In The Jungle Groove.
Artist: James Brown.
Year: Recorded 1969-1971. Released 1986.

James Brown at his fonkiest!


Record: Dirty.
Artist: Sonic Youth.
Year: 1992.

Would you believe me if I told you that I only heard this record for the first time 2 days ago? I’m 31 years old. The only thing I can think of is that this record must have been very popular at the time. If something’s popular, I avoid it like the plague and then ‘discover’ it YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSS later when nobody is interested anymore. Good band that Sonic Youth!

Hellbilly Deluxe 2

Record: Hellbilly Deluxe II.
Artist: Rob Zombie.
Year: 2010.

Rob Zombie is never not on my MP3 player. I regularily jam this on in my ears…

Flash Gordon (OST) (Deluxe Edition) (CD1)

Record: Flash Gordon (OST).
Artist: Queen.
Year: 1980.

Is the soundtrack to “Flash Gordon” underated? Nobody ever mentions it. I love it. I love the multi-tracked guitars, the dreamy synths and the pounding drums! I love it all! Especially this track…


Record: Doom And Gloom.
Artist: The Rolling Stones.
Year: 2012.

A solid rocker from The Rolling Bones!

Live At The Harlem Square Club, 1963

Record: Live At The Harlem Square Club 1963.
Artist: Sam Cooke.
Year: Recorded 1963. Released 1985.

A (excuse my French) fucking excellent live album from Sammy here! It’s so…LIVE! I know that’s not the greatest description for a live record but I’m no writer. Obviously. Look, just listen to this:

Where Are We Now

Record:  Where Are We Now?
Artist: David Bowie.
Year: 2013.

I didn’t know what to think when I first heard David Bowie’s latest release. It’s always the same. Bowie releases something, I dunno how to take it and then 5 years later I eventually get it! I did happen to notice something about Bowie’s latest, “Where Are We Now” but before I tell you what it is, let’s see if you can spot it for yourself…

Did you spot it? When I heard the song for the first time it seemed familiar to me. But how could that be?
And then it dawned on me…

Does this mean that Ricky Gervais had a hand in writing “Where Are We Now?”

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The Soundtrack To My Life. 09/11/2012.

Record: Lonerisim. (2012).
Artist: Tame Impala.
My Advice To You… I got ‘Lonerism’ after hearing the excellent taster single ‘Elephant’ a couple of months ago and honestly, the album is not nearly as good as that single.

I found myself just counting down the songs and minutes until ‘Elephant’ which is track 9.

Record: Addams Family Values. (2012).
Artist: Battery Face.
My Advice To You…This album is free so why the hell not?

Free music is always a good thing my friends!
It seems to be the way to do it these days. “Have my music for free just now and later, if you want to, buy it!”
– I really like that approach.

I read about Battery Face in some magazine. I liked their name and I liked the idea of an album called Addams Family Values but this has almost nothing to do with The Addams Family. A good way to get people to hear your music if a little sneaky.

Don’t expect creepy, kooky, spooky music. Expect noise. Loud noise! I like noise and I like my noise loud and I took the time to listen to this record but in the end it just didn’t do it for me.

Being a member of Battery Face is probably hugely satisfying but I’m not and so, “Addams Family Values” just sounds like a long, direction-less band jam in a garage which is locked off to the likes of me.

Record: Sally Can’t Dance. (1974).
Artist: Lou Reed.
My Advice To You… I like to take a chance and buy a record simply because I like the album cover. Okay, I know and love a lot of Lou Reed’s music but sometimes he can churn out downright rubbish so buying “Sally Can’t Dance” was a gamble for me. But it definitely paid off. I especially liked this number:

Record: Roseland NYC Live. (1998).
Artist: Portishead.
Why You Should Get It…I really wish I’d seen Portishead live. They were fucking mesmerisingly special!

Record: Louis Armstrong: Volume I & II. (Compilation).
Artist: Louis Armstrong.
Why You Should Get It…It’s Louis Armstrong. Just get it. You need it. Everybody does!

Record: Seed Of A Memory. (1976).
Artist: Terry Reid.
Why You Should Get It… Rob Zombie introduced me to this guy. Not personally of course but through his soundtrack for “The Devil’s Rejects” which doesn’t contain a bad song. It’s early days but so far, so far this is my favourite track from ‘Seed of Memory’:

Record: Raging Bull (OST). (1980).
Artist: Various.
Why You Should Get It… Martin Scorsese has exquisite taste in music and the “Raging Bull” main title theme is the icing on the cake of the films’ beautiful opening credits…

Record: 40/40. (2009).
Artist: The Carpenters.
Why You Should Get It… 

Record: The Sophtware Slump (Deluxe Edition). (2011)
Artist: Grandaddy.
Why You Should Get It… The acoustic Demo for ‘Hewlett’s Daughter’ is worth the price of this Deluxe Edition alone.

Record: Re-Ac-Tor. (1981).
Artist: Neil Young & Crazy Horse.
Why You Should Get It… Like a lot of Neil’s records, Re-Ac-Tor is underappreciated…

Record: The Original Rumble. (1958).
Artist: Link Wray.
Why You Should Get It… One of the very first rock records. Not Rock & Roll, ROCK!

Even ol’ Jimmy Page loves ‘Rumble’!

The Soundtrack To My Life. 21/09/2012.

ELEPHANT (Single). (2012).
Artist: Tame Impala.
Why You Should Get It… From their forth coming album LONERISM

Artist: The Coasters.
Why You Should Get It…

TEMPEST. (2012).
Artist: Bob Dylan.
Why You Should Get It…

Artist: The Washiongton Squares.
Why You Should Get It…

Recommended to me recently by a bartender pal and described as: “Like Peter, Paul & Mary except, good!”

SING TO GOD (Parts I & II). (1995).
Artist: Cardiacs.
Why You Should Get It…

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