Al Cook’s “Necropolis”: The Crucifixion.

Awrite n’ that, big man?
Here’s the latest unfunny from my comic-strip, Al Cook’s “Necropolis”.
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Necropolis Header
















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Al Cook’s “Necropolis”. Cut Loose: Part I.

Part II was supposed to be out long before now but I had conflicting ideas of where I wanted it to go.
Zip on over to Al Cook’s “Necropolis” to see Part I of ‘Cut Loose’ in all its glory and where Part II will appear in the not to distant future.

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I’ve decided to continue with this online comic book of mine:
Al Cook’s “Necropolis”.

I’m really enjoying myself with it.
It’s fun to do and I can’t get my ideas down fast enough most nights.

My plan is to continue writing & drawing it in black and white until I have enough for a big thick book.
After that,
I want to do a second volume in full colour then call it a day and move onto something new.
I figure that will take me at least a year or so.

With that in mind,
I thought I’d set up a few places where I can post updates, news, plugs etc…
You get the idea.


* Al Cook’s “Necropolis” can be found HERE.

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So far, 15 black bic biro pens have died and “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers has been played over 200 times during the making of this so please spread the word about it.

Jam & Jelly.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

That’s right, HE’S DEAD!

Passed Away.
Bought the farm.
Catch my drift?

In my continuing efforts to explore the downright creepy and strange side of the internet, I chanced upon Victorian Mourning Photography.
Now, I don’t wish to offend you or give you nightmares so you should probably stop looking right now if you think that something like that might be likely to happen.

Still here?

Okay then, as I was saying,

Victorian mourning photography involves the posing and positioning of expired people with the use of stands and clamps to make them appear alive. Clamps and rods would keep the limbs where they’re supposed to be and the eyelids open but sometimes, sometimes the pupils of the eyes were even painted on over closed lids!
– Like the little girl in this photograph:

If you look closely at this next photo you will notice a base at this girls feet.
– A base to keep her upright because you betcha!
She’s dead.

Have you ever heard of this?
Victorian Mourning Photography?
It’s fucking WELL CREEPY!
I’m creeped out even writing this but it is interesting me.
All sorts of cogs are spinning in my head right now!

– Which is a lot more than can be said for this Father and Son…

Know why?
– Correct my friend! Because they’re both dead!

I can almost understand people wanting a photograph of a dear loved one but that Father and Son are very obviously dead.
Can anyone shed some light on post-mortem photography?

And by ‘anyone’ I mean anyone with the exception of this guy:

– Because he’s dead.

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