The Soundtrack To My Life. 02/07/2011.

This week I have been mostly listening to:

Neil Young’s live album “A Treasure” (2011):

Levon Helm’s live album “Ramble At The Ryman” (2011):

Elvis Presley’s first album “Elvis Presley” (1956):

The Dead Boys’ “We Have Cum For Your Children” (1978):

The Complete Soundtrack to John Carpenter’s “Christine” (1983):

“Destroy All Astromen!” (1994) by the band: Man…Or Astroman?:

Ah yes, and at night I’ve been listening to the sinister tones of the great Vincent Price on his creepy album “A Graveyard Of Ghost Tales” (1973):

You should probably do yourself a favour and try to find at least  some of these records.

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