“Love Lust Tales”: Available For Pre-Order Now!

Featuring artwork by myself and 9 hauntingly beautiful tracks, “Love Lust Tales”, the debut album from Glasgow band Louise McVey & The Cracks In The Concrete is now available for pre-order on Vinyl, CD and as a Download!

You can Pre-Order “Love Lust Tales” by clicking on the following links:
* Click HERE to Pre-Order “Love Lust Tales” from iTunes.
* Click HERE to Pre-Order “Love Lust Tales” from Just Add Music.

The album will be officially released on June 15th and you can visit Louise McVey & The Cracks In The Concrete and listen to their wonderfully dark music HERE.

I’m really pleased that the record is being released on vinyl and if you decide to buy it, I recommend the vinyl format. The artwork was specifically designed for a vinyl release and besides, physical records are always gonna be better and cooler than CD’s and Downloads.

For Illustration Queries, Contact: brokenglasseye@hotmail.com

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The Horror Hotel.

My friend Kyle was nice enough to give my comic book “Al Cook’s Necropolis” a mention on his all-things-horror blog, “The Horror Hotel”. Take a look at it HERE.
Cheers for that Kyle!
– Let’s catch up and go out on a murder bender sometime soon!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to drink formaldehyde with me in a graveyard at midnight?
Find out in the next installment of…

(ie: In two weeks when I finish drawing the sucker!)
In the meantime, check out the rest of The Horror Hotel.

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