Advice For ‘Psychic’ Sally Morgan’s Future.

Dear Sally Morgan,

Although I personally don’t believe in 99% of people who claim to have psychic ability (I can spot a bullshit artist from miles away!), and although I can’t believe that most ‘psychics’ can sleep soundly at night given all the ham theatrics and transparent lies they make up on stage every night, I feel I should point something out to you.

Your Wikipedia Page.

It’s pretty bad but don’t you worry Sally.
By simply clicking on the image below for an enlarged view,
you will see that I have helpfully circled some of the things which I think tarnish the flawless reputation you’ve built up.

You might think to yourself:
“Ach, it’s only Wikipedia. Who cares”.

But you’d be wrong Sally because if you use your psychic ability,
You’ll be able to look into the future and see me pointing this particular line out to everyone I know and meet forever:

As I understand it Sally,
Anyone can update and edit Wikipedia so you should be able to fix it.

Best wishes,
You probably know who.

EDIT: It occured to me that Sally Morgan probably wouldn’t find this generous piece of advice so I sent her a wee link on Twitter.

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