Alternative Movie Posters. PART I: Daniel Norris.

I do love a good ol’ redesigned movie poster don’t you?

Movie poster artwork is so imaginative and alive these days and yet you never really get a true sense of it when the official poster is released.
Some time ago, I put up some poster artwork which in my opinion, DESTROYS the official material and you can see it by clicking HERE but today, I’d like to show you some work by a talented feller named Daniel Norris…

For a lot more from Mr. Norris, check out his Flickr stream HERE.
View Part II of this post HERE.

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You probably can’t tell but as I was taking these photos of my Niece Orla,
She was making the exact same sounds as the Velociraptor’s in Jurassic Park.

She does that quite a lot.
That’s what she does.

Amazing Minimalist Movie Posters!

I’ve been looking at poster design for a few illustration projects.

By chance,
I found these:

Pretty good eh?

‘The Shining’ poster is my favourite.

All were designed by a company called ‘Shoot The Glass’.

There are more too.
And they’re for sale.

Take a look HERE.

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