Sketches For Nobody #2.

Husband Material.

Visit Al Cook’s “Necropolis” HERE and be sure to click on the ‘I Want Death Threats’ button.

Follow, Poke & Facefuck Me.

I’ve decided to continue with this online comic book of mine:
Al Cook’s “Necropolis”.

I’m really enjoying myself with it.
It’s fun to do and I can’t get my ideas down fast enough most nights.

My plan is to continue writing & drawing it in black and white until I have enough for a big thick book.
After that,
I want to do a second volume in full colour then call it a day and move onto something new.
I figure that will take me at least a year or so.

With that in mind,
I thought I’d set up a few places where I can post updates, news, plugs etc…
You get the idea.


* Al Cook’s “Necropolis” can be found HERE.

* And on Twitter HERE.

* And on Facebook HERE.

So far, 15 black bic biro pens have died and “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers has been played over 200 times during the making of this so please spread the word about it.

Sam Weber’s “Lord Of The Flies”.

I like to stay up late into the night and look at books I can’t afford.
I found a couple of illustrations by chance tonight which are blowing me away.

From a new version of William Golding’s “Lord Of The Flies“,
All are by artist Sam Weber.

Sam Weber said:
“Using contemporary illustration to accompany a much loved classic was an exciting challenge, made more so by the active involvement of the Golding Estate. Lord of The Flies is one of my favourite novels, and in many regards this opportunity was a true dream job.”

I think all of those are stunning.

Visit Sam Weber’s site HERE.

Klaus Voorman’s “Revolver”.

I was listening to The Beatles’ “Revolver” album just now and staring at the brilliant cover by German artist and Beatle pal Klaus Voorman:

It made me think of an updated picture I saw years ago.
So I had a look around and found it:

It’s by Voorman too and it seems that he’s done quite a few updates over the years for various projects.
I don’t know if this is all of them but it’s everything I could find.

A very talented feller.
His website is HERE and it has a beautiful portfolio artwork and illustrations.

Oh yeah,
That wasn’t exactly Everything I could find.

As if playing the bass on ‘Imagine‘ wasn’t cool enough,
Klaus also has a “Revolver” car!:

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