Look What I Just Bought!

Detached Villa for sale.

Guide Price £18,000.
1432, London Road,
Former Belvidere Hospital,
G31 4LE.

Ain’t she a haunted crumbly old beauty!

As soon as I read the description I knew she had to be mine.

Key features:
Grade B listed building with planning consent for conversion/refurbishment into 6 flats.
Situated amongst Keir Homes ‘Belvidere Village’ Modern Development.
Planning permission for 4 x 2 Bed flats & 2 x 3 bed flats.
Excellent Development/Investment Opportunity.

Full description:
The subjects comprise part of the former Belvidere Hospital building. It is Category B Listed and was designed by John Carrick, a renowned architect within Glasgow. The plan shows the site area which extends to approximately 0.17 hectares (0.43 acres) or thereby. The plot o land is irregularly shaped and bounded by a service road to the southern section with the remaining boundaries to be marked in future by terraced housing as yet to be developed by Keir Homes as part of their overall Belvidere Village project. The subjects lie within the East End of Glasgow, approx 3 miles east of the city centre. The site is incorporated/adjecte to the ‘Belvidere Village’ residential development which has been undertaken by Kier Homes. This development is for a total of 490 units providing a combination of flats, terraced and semi-detached dwellings. The site itself is situated south of London Road off Belvidere Avenue. The subjects have full Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent for conversion, alteration and extension as part of the former hospital building to form 6 flats with associated landscaping and car parking. Listed Planning Consent (08/01344/DC), Planning Permission(08/01343/DC). This property is available for immediate purchase.


You probably can’t tell but as I was taking these photos of my Niece Orla,
She was making the exact same sounds as the Velociraptor’s in Jurassic Park.

She does that quite a lot.
That’s what she does.

The Trongate, Glasgow.

I’ve got a bit of an obsession going on with the Trongate area of Glasgow.
It’s one of the oldest streets in Glasgow and these days I’m spending more and more time down there.
I was thinking the other day about how little the Trongate seems to have changed over the years.

For instance,
I took this photo 2 days ago:

And here’s a drawing of the area facing the same direction from 1774:

I’ve been looking for photographs of Glasgow Cross and Trongate for 2 weeks now.
Here are some of the more interesting ones…

Looking West, 1770:

A lithograph depicting the visit of Queen Victoria to Glasgow in 1849:

Looking East, 1860:



Looking West,
This is an oil painting of the Trongate circa 1770-1790 by an unknown artist:

Notice the now demolished tollbooth to the right of the painting attached to the Clock Tower/Steeple.
That clock tower still stands and is well loved.

Because Of A Cat.

Here’s what I wrote on Sunday night as it was happening:

I can’t breathe.
It’s half one in the morning and I’m wide awake and I can’t breathe.

I’m right in the middle of an allergic reaction which started 2 nights ago.
Usually I know what to do to get through it and I’m fine the next day.
Not too sure why this one is different but it definitely is.
I can’t understand why I’m getting worse.

I’ve been to doctors over this and all they can really do is warn you off going anywhere where there might be cats or dogs but that’s easier said than done.

Before I go back to anybody’s house I always ask:
“You got any cats or dogs because I’m allergic and I will die” but sometimes I forget.

Or sometimes I do ask and they say “No” then I get there and there’s a dog and people say:

“It’s okay; you won’t be allergic to this dog”.
“He’s not a dog. He’s a puppy!”
“This dog doesn’t shed its hair so you’ll be fine”.
– What can you do.

I’ve had a few of these reactions before and usually this is what happens to me:

* I get a cough which I can’t shake.
* I’m easily out of breath.
* I get the need to scratch at my back.
* I want to take a deep breath but can’t.
* I usually sprint up the stairs in the building where I live taking about a minute.
Last night it took me 10 minutes and I had to sit down 5 times and stop on every level.
* Walking in general becomes difficult.
* I can’t be around other people because trying to come up with a witty answer to “Are you alright?” when you think you’re dying only makes things worse.
* I can’t talk because you need air for that.
* Taking a normal breath is difficult.
* I need to sit up keeping very still or sleep for about 12 hours until the reaction wears off.

It’s basically a fucking nightmare that can put me out of action for days but I know what to do and how to handle it.
Although, this time it’s slightly different.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

* All of the above except I can’t sleep.
I’m drained and want to lie down on something cold but I can’t because every time I try, it kick starts a 10 minute struggle for breath and my lungs feel like they’re going to explode.
* I got pins and needles in my arms and hands which made me put my phone where I can reach it.

Here’s the interesting/scary part:

Because I’ve been this way and awake for around 26 hours now I keep nodding off.
Because I can’t breathe properly while conscious,
I think my unconscious breathing won’t kick in which basically means means…
I think I’m dying every time my body tries to put me to sleep.
It’s pretty scary and probably quite funny to see because I nod off for seconds then jolt awake incase I die.

If I’m ever found dead with a big silent “O” where my mouth should be,
It’s a fair bet that all of the above has happened.

And all because of a cat.

Animated Alan.

Anna took some photos of me yesterday doing what I usually do at home:
Sauntering around my flat dressed like a weirdo playing my guitar.
I stitched the photos together…

Click on the photo to make it move.

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