Rob Zombie In Glasgow: 20/02/2011.

We went to see Rob Zombie live in Glasgow.
What we’re talking about here folks is FIRE & TITS.
A helluva lot of fire and tits.

Then after that, we’re talking about ROCK & ROLL, a helluva lot of pyro & blood & screaming & monsters & horror & death & tits & dead girls & tits & dead girls’ tits & Satan & fire & fucking chainsaws & fire & Nazi’s & corpses & Werewolfs & graveyards & tits & Vampires & John 5 on guitar & robots & machine guns & strippers & cartoons & violence & autopsies & beer & epilepsy inducing animation & sweat & skulls & explosions & zombies…
…with tits…
…on fire.

And at the front of all that was ROB ZOMBIE.
Here’s a photostrip from the gig:

The rest of my photos are HERE.

The Jesus Frankenstein Intro to this gig was cool as fuck!
The whole thing was brilliant!
One big Rock & Roll Horror Monster Show!
…on fire…
…with tits.

Al Cook’s “Necropolis” …Coming Soon…

I’ve been secretly working on a new project for a wee while now.
It’s almost ready.

Bad things are coming.
Shocking & disturbing things.

You’re all invited too.

I’ve set up a brand new blog for this THING and you can find it right HERE.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Rob Zombie In Glasgow 2011.

Guess what I’m doing next February?


He’s playing the O2 Academy in Glasgow.
Here’s how excited I am:

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