Look What I Just Bought!

Detached Villa for sale.

Guide Price £18,000.
1432, London Road,
Former Belvidere Hospital,
G31 4LE.

Ain’t she a haunted crumbly old beauty!

As soon as I read the description I knew she had to be mine.

Key features:
Grade B listed building with planning consent for conversion/refurbishment into 6 flats.
Situated amongst Keir Homes ‘Belvidere Village’ Modern Development.
Planning permission for 4 x 2 Bed flats & 2 x 3 bed flats.
Excellent Development/Investment Opportunity.

Full description:
The subjects comprise part of the former Belvidere Hospital building. It is Category B Listed and was designed by John Carrick, a renowned architect within Glasgow. The plan shows the site area which extends to approximately 0.17 hectares (0.43 acres) or thereby. The plot o land is irregularly shaped and bounded by a service road to the southern section with the remaining boundaries to be marked in future by terraced housing as yet to be developed by Keir Homes as part of their overall Belvidere Village project. The subjects lie within the East End of Glasgow, approx 3 miles east of the city centre. The site is incorporated/adjecte to the ‘Belvidere Village’ residential development which has been undertaken by Kier Homes. This development is for a total of 490 units providing a combination of flats, terraced and semi-detached dwellings. The site itself is situated south of London Road off Belvidere Avenue. The subjects have full Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent for conversion, alteration and extension as part of the former hospital building to form 6 flats with associated landscaping and car parking. Listed Planning Consent (08/01344/DC), Planning Permission(08/01343/DC). This property is available for immediate purchase.

Thanks For That Little Richard.

I’ve updated my funeral music list and the same rules as before apply.
If you’re my friend or part of my family and this music doesn’t get played,
I will come back and dedicate my entire afterlife to haunting you.

Fair enough?

How many songs are you allowed at a funeral?
I want a humanist funeral so I think that entitles me to about 5 or 6 pieces of music.

I don’t care if I’m cremated or not but yes,
I am tempted to have “Great Balls Of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis played as the heat gets turned on.
I’ll need to think about that.

But anyways,
Here’s what I would like played (…and hopefully my Spotify links will work):

Miserere Mei Deus” by Gregorio Allegri.

Long Tall Sally” by Little Richard.

Sleepwalk” by Santo & Johnny.

Life Is But A Dream” by The Harptones.

The End Of The Road” by Jerry Lee Lewis.

Philadelphia” by Neil Young.

I don’t care which order those get played in as long as they’re in that order.

Hopefully I won’t die for a very long time but just incase,
You’ll find all of that music on my ipod and I have them all on record too.

For some reason best known to himself,
Little Richard re-recorded “Long Tall Sally” later in his life and put these drums on it which I fucking hate alright?
It wrecks the whole song.
Richard got carried away with the Rock and forgot about the Roll.
(Thanks for that Little Richard).
So the version I want played HAS TO BE from the album “Here’s Little Richard!” okay?

It’s only my favourite song in the entire World.

That’s all Little Richard!

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