Al Cook’s Necropolis Memories.

My comic strip Al Cook’s “Necropolis” is about to change and so, I thought I’d share some memories.
…Ahh, memories.

Last month I decided that my strip was over detailed and I had a good mind to make it really scratchy and quick but just as I was about to do that, Christmas arrived and Anna presented me with a rare Glasgow comic book called “The Bogie Man” and that changed everything.

A while ago, I mentioned “The Bogie Man” HERE but I had no idea how detailed it was inside and how good it looked because of it.
So that’s that. Next time you take a look at Al Cook’s “Necropolis”, things should look pretty different.

Al Cook’s “Christmas Necropolis” Sneak Preview.

Heard about the snow here in Scotland?
– Me too. I live here.

Heard about the ice and the closure and complete shutdown of all roads and transport?
– Me too.

Almost die getting home?
– Me too.
I got stranded and walked 2 miles along a deserted motorway then hiked through a forest to get home 2 days ago.

Live in Scotland and now completely snowed in?
– Me too and I’ve been using that time.

Here’s a sneak preview to the upcoming Christmas installment of Al Cook’s “Necropolis”.
Starring none other than…………………..LLOYD FROM “THE SHINING“.

Let’s hear it for Lloyd!

Find out what happens next (Or if anything happens at all!) by tuning in to Al Cook’s “Necropolis” on Christmas Day 2010.

“Go check out the snowcat. You’re not going anywhere”.

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