What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

It was definately a strange day I had.

There was me sitting in the office waiting.
Waiting like I’ve waited so many times for the teacher to come in and have words with me about my attitude and future.

It’s not the 1990’s and I’m not about to be told off for swearing in class or setting that piano on fire by accident or refusing to wear the stupid school uniform because it clashed with my cool black suede coat or anything like that.

Those days are long gone now but oddly enough,
I’m waiting on the same teacher who used to have to tell me off for all those things back in school all those years ago…

Eddie Morrison: My old English and form teacher.

Eddie’s a Headteacher now at a school in Hamilton.
You couldn’t meet a nicer, dedicated, more caring feller.
He hasn’t changed a bit since i knew him.
Sometimes Eddie’s classes were the only reason I even bothered to show up for school.

Beginning this week,
I’ll be working with some of the pupils at Eddie’s school on an English/Illustration project that we’ve been secretly putting together since January.

The idea is:
The pupils write their own original stories with a view to illustrating them and I take things from there in the form of various workshops.

What can possibly go wrong.

Things might get quiet on here over the next week or two whilst I’m working on that but I’ll try and post some updates on here whenever I can.

It’ll be strange going back to school.

Maybe I’ll even get to utter the famous lines said many a time to me by Eddie:

“You’re only ruining it for yourself!”

Heh heh 🙂

An Alternate View.

Do you know that ‘Scrubbed’ versions of movies are available online?

‘Scrubbed’ means:
‘Edited to remove nudity, sex, profanity and excessive violence’.

Robocop‘ and ‘Shaun Of The Dead‘ are just two titles on offer.

How in the hell does ‘Robocop’ work with no profanity and excessive violence?
When you remove all of that,
You’re gonna be left with a film that lasts 5 minutes,

I hate it when people censor things and muck about with editing.

That said,
I like it sometimes.

Things could have been so different…

That last one’s just plain wrong though.

Neil Young: “Through My Sails”.

A very underated song from Neil Young’s album “Zuma”.

I was searching youtube to see if Neil had ever performed the song live (I didn’t think he did) and all i could find were a few folk covering the song.

I had a guitar at hand and my recording gear was all up and running so, what the hell, I decided to knock out my own version.

Although it’s rough and more than messy, i put it up on http://www.myspace.com/brokenglasseye as a free download.
I’m sure i must be breaking a few rules by doing this and so i’ll take it down at the weekend.

However, I had a wee go at making a video for it and it’s now on youtube.

Here it is here:

An Introduction…

Alan Cook.
That’s me.

I’m 26 and I’m an Illustrator & musician from Bellshill which is just outside of Glasgow, Scotland.

I have a few other pages dotted about the place.

And here they are:


I will be using this blog to generally express myself and I’ll try my best to update it at least weekly.

Cheerio for now folks!

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