“Please Give Blood”: A Preview.

Hi folks,
I’ve decided to push back the new “Please Give Blood” instalment of my comic strip to Halloween 2012 because:
(a) I’m putting an animation video together.
(b) I’ve sent the strip off to the Scottish National Blood Donation & Transfusion Centre for their disapproval and as soon as I get their rejection/objection letter, I’m gonna work it into the plot.

You understand don’t you?
Until then, here is a link to the preview illustrations…

The strip will appear on Halloween 2012 right HERE.
Become a fan on Facebook HERE and follow me on Twitter HERE and I’ll follow you in real life!

*Disclaimer: Will contain blood. LOADS OF IT!

Al Cook’s “Necropolis”: “Please Give Blood” Teaser Panel.


Post-It Monstre By John Kenn Mortensen.

Maybe you remember reading about John Kenn Mortensen’s Monsters On Post-It Notes before on this blog and maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about monsters.
Terrifying Monsters and ghouls drawn on the little yellow post-it notes which most of us use to write down mundane work notes to ourselves and then throw away.

Post-It Note Monsters by John Kenn Mortensen:

For me, John Kenn Mortensen is the new Edward Gorey in town and although I did mention his sinister works before, I wanted to bring them up again because to date, Mortensen has over 250 of these illustrations which sell for upwards of £70 each and I’m constantly impressed by them.

Also, Mortensen has pulled his macabre collection of Post-It Note Monsters together and released a book which looks to be extraordinary!

John Kenn Mortensen doesn’t appear to have an official website and gives next to nothing away on his blogger account:

Born in Denmark 1978, I write and direct television shows for kids. I have a set of twins and not much time for anything. But when I have time I draw Monsterdrawings on Post-It notes… It is a little window into a different world, made on office supplies.”

That tells us everything we need to know.
Well, almost everything…

* View every Monster on Post-It Notes drawing HERE.
* View and buy the book HERE.
* View the Facebook page HERE.

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Laurie Lipton’s “Day Of The Dead”.

Check this out:

Ain’t that just lovely!
I hope that’s exactly what I’m doing when I’m a corpse.
The artist is Laurie Lipton and it’s part of her “Day Of The Dead” series.
For more great dead things like this:

And this:

Her website is right HERE.

(Lookout for her Haunted Dolls House!)

Al Cook’s “Necropolis” …Coming Soon…

I’ve been secretly working on a new project for a wee while now.
It’s almost ready.

Bad things are coming.
Shocking & disturbing things.

You’re all invited too.

I’ve set up a brand new blog for this THING and you can find it right HERE.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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