Last Known Photographs.

There’s a not very nice photo of John Lennon lying dead in a body bag on a stretcher available on the internet.
I saw it years ago and it’s always bothered me.
I was wondering about the last photo of Lennon alive.

I think it’s this one from the night he died:

That got me wondering about other last known photographs.
Here’s what I found:

Elvis Presley:

Jim Morrison:

Freddie Mercury:

Jimi Hendrix:

Ray Charles:

Johnny Cash:

The Bellgrove Hotel, Glasgow.

I’ve always said to myself:
‘I’d better get a couple of photos of The Bellgrove before it falls down’.

Does anybody know anything about this place?

Who runs it?

There’s only a few mentions of it online.
HERE being the main place.

I was quite lucky with those photos.
You’ll see people sitting in their own piss outside of the Bellgrove looking like they have about 2 hours to live.

It’s obviously a homeless hostel but have you actually seen the state of it?

Who gets up in the morning and goes to work in there?
Bet it’s not the council.

It’s been run down to hell since I always remember.

An Introduction…

Alan Cook.
That’s me.

I’m 26 and I’m an Illustrator & musician from Bellshill which is just outside of Glasgow, Scotland.

I have a few other pages dotted about the place.

And here they are:

I will be using this blog to generally express myself and I’ll try my best to update it at least weekly.

Cheerio for now folks!

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