The Soundtrack To My Life. 15/01/2012.

Where to begin.

I’ve been secretly putting a band together.
…Even more secretly than that, I’ve also put a second secret band together!
– I’m two timing myself with myself! (Hope I don’t find out!)
So, that makes 2 secret bands and they are so secret that even I don’t know how they’ll both eventually sound!
I’ll let you know.
Anyways, here’s what I’ve been listening to lately.
You should try to get your mits on some or all of these folks!

“Bad As Me”.
(Deluxe Edition). (2011).
Artist: Tom Waits.
Why You Should Get It: Because Tom Waits sounds like a homicidal Jim Henson muppet! Especially on ‘Chicago‘.

“Let’s Dance”.
(Single). (1983).
Artist: David Bowie.
Why You Should Get It: Because all Dave’s love for you, would break his heart in two.

“Crazy Clown Time”.
Artist: David Lynch.
Why You Should Get It: Because it’s an album by David Lynch and this is the first track.

“Spilt Milk”.
Artist: Jellyfish.
Why You Should Get It: Because Jellyfish were one of the best bands of the 1990’s and nobody even seems to mention them these days which is criminal because LISTEN TO THIS and then THIS!

“Crumb” (Original Soundtrack)
. (1991).
Artist: Various.
Why You Should Get It: This is old time music selcted by Robert Crumb himself from his own personal collection. Back then, people used to put their lives and souls into the songs they wrote.
Every cut on this record is a one of a kind gem and this is probably my favourite.

“Middle Of Everywhere”.
Artist: Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three.
Why You Should Get It: Pokey LaFarge can do no wrong for me so I don’t care if you get this or not because I have it and that’s good enough.

“Yes I’m A Witch”.
Artist: Yoko Ono.
Why You Should Get It: Because you probably just think Yoko Ono is about breaking up The Beatles and screaming but really, you’ve never even heard one of her songs and have no idea about how far ahead of everyone else she always has been.
Listen to this for starters.

“Rhapsody In Blue”.
Artist: George Gershwin.
Why You Should Get It: CLICK HERE.

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