My First Tattoo.

Don’t worry,
I haven’t gone narners and went out and got myself a massive tattoo folks.
…But I have designed one for my friend Mick.

It’s the first tattoo I’ve ever designed and on and off, it’s taken just shy of two years to complete.

I enjoyed doing it and Mick wasn’t in any rush which is why it took almost two years to design.
I think I got the easy job bcause today Mick is getting my design tattooed on his body forever and I know I had to erase countless pencil mistakes when my hand slipped so I really can’t imagine the pressure when you’re permanently inking up a person’s skin.

I was worried that the tattoo artist wouldn’t be able to reproduce the detail of the drawing with the tattoo gun but Mick assures me that the right tattoo artist can do anything.
I hope so for Mick’s sake.

* EDIT: It’s finished!

I’ll never ink myself up.
As a matter of fact, I think my pal Mick is crazy and I spent a month trying to talk him out of doing this.
That said, I am interested in designing more tattoos, …with a quicker working time than two years obviously 🙂
If you’re interested, drop me a line.

Celebrity Mugshots (PART I).

You ever see the mugshot of Al Pacino as a kid?

Amazing to see how young Pacino is there.
That photo got me looking for other (In)famous mugshots and I”ve decided that ‘Ol Jim Morrison seems to hold the record:

Here are some of the other ones:

David Crosby:

Elvis Presley:

Johnny Cash:

Steve McQueen:

George Carlin:

But wait!
There’s some more!
Find them over in the next post HERE.

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