Carl Warner’s Foodscapes.

See this?:

Well that’s no ordinary picture or photo.
That is an actual scene made entirely from food!
– Red cabbage mostly.

The talent behind that is artist & photographer Carl Warner and he didn’t just make one.

* Coconut haystacks:

* Hot air balloons made of a variety of fruit and veg soar over fields of asparagus, courgettes, beans and corn :

* A pea pod boat sails on a sea of salmon away from a land made from bread and potatoes:

* He cites the films “The Wizard Of Oz” and “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” among his influences:

I think my favourite one is the salmon sea.
Here’s a photo of the man himself at work:

Carl says:
“Although I’m very hands-on, I do use model makers and food stylists to help me create the sets.
I tend to start with a drawing which I sketch out in order to get the composition worked out”

His website can be found right HERE.
Buy prints of Carl’s Foodscapes HERE.

Andy Warhol’s “Little Red Hen”.

If the text wasn’t there to tell me,
I don’t think I would recognise the illustration artwork of the late great Andy Warhol

Those illustrations are for the children’s story “The Little Ren Hen” and are pretty much the exact opposite of everything Andy Warhol was known for.

Warhol was a book illustrator from 1957-1961 and what can I say?
These drawings just don’t do anything for me.

A children’s tale illustrated by Andy Warhol?

That’s a rare thing.

Modern Vintage Movie Posters Part II.

…From Part I

Didn’t I tell you I’d saved the best for last?
What about those ‘Shining‘ posters!?

That’s the amazing ‘Modern Vintage Movie Posters’ of Tom Whalen.

But it’s nowhere near all of them.

He’s a mysterious character.
His main site seems to be HERE.

Bye for now folks!

The Art Of The Brick.

Just a man playing a cello…

Except the cello is made out of Lego!

I read about Nathan Sawaya on the BBC News site and the part that got me was:
“He gave up his career as a lawyer to become a full time Lego artist”.
A lawyer!

He’s a clever feller.

See more of his Lego art HERE.

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