“The Baby” (1973).

Today’s freakshow obscure forgotten horror film is “The Baby”.

Made in 1973, It’s camper than 7 pink tents but still creepy as all hell.

From the back of the DVD:

“Ann Gentry is a social worker that has dealt with some of the toughest,
Most bizarre cases.
She thought she’d seen it all…Until Now.
Arriving at the house of her new client,
She makes a shocking discovery:
A full-grown man dressed and treated as if he were still an infant!
In fact, The entire dysfunctional family seems demented –
And Ann becomes determined to save ‘The Baby’.

On the front of the DVD it reads:
“Horror is his formula”.


That, and the campness aside,
It’s actually a very good film with a nothing short of shocking ending that I guarantee you will not see coming.

I caught this film for the first time in the 80’s when I happened to turn the TV on after midnight.

Too young.
I remember standing in front of the TV freaking out as I watched this scene:

Seems to only be available from the U. S. of A. for the time being but it’s worth tracking down.

The IMDB Page is HERE.

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