A Montecristo Cigar Box Guitar!

He once built an entire boat with his own bare hands just to find out if he could and now Francis has built me a Montecristo Cigar Box Guitar!

I love it!
I pick her up next week and seemingly, you could drive a car under the action of the strings!
Apparently, it’s tuned to an open G.

I hate mass manufactured guitar slides so I use a real heavy piece of steel pipe and I think that it will work well on this here cigar box geetar.

Now all I need is a rocking chair and a porch!
– And I know just the very man who is capable of building them…

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The Art Of The Brick.

Just a man playing a cello…

Except the cello is made out of Lego!

I read about Nathan Sawaya on the BBC News site and the part that got me was:
“He gave up his career as a lawyer to become a full time Lego artist”.
A lawyer!

He’s a clever feller.

See more of his Lego art HERE.

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