The Soundtrack To My Life. 10/03/2016.

Hi folks.
Here’s a wee selection of some records I’ve enjoyed lately…

Birds With Broken Wings

Record: Birds With Broken Wings.
Year: 2015.
Artist: Ben Caplan.

Ben Caplan’s a madman. I saw him live a few months ago and that’s what he is. A madman. This is his second record, I think, and the only thing that’s wrong with it is that it only slightly catches how brilliantly aff his heid he truly is.

This song isn’t actually on ‘Birds With Broken Wings’ but it’s a fairly good example of what you can expect with Caplan..

Hell On Heels

Record: Hell On Heels.
Year: 2011.
Artist: Pistol Annies.

I heard about the Pistol Annies because Neil Young kept mentioning them in his ‘Waging Heavy Peace’ book. Pretty good group…


Record: Blackstar.
Year: 2016.
Artist: David Bowie.

I think Blackstar is a masterpiece. This is my favourite track from it…


Record: Weem.
Year: 2016.
Artist: De Rosa.

A great third record from a band fae mah el’ hametoon here. I call records like this my ‘Nighttime’ or ‘Sunday’ records. Sunday records are the best types of records.

Hymns and Gospel Favorites

Record: Hymns & Gospel Favorites.
Year: 2015?
Artist: Loretta Lynn.

Sometimes I think that ‘How Great Thou Art’ may just very well be my favourite hymn. I think it might be…

Singing Bones

Record: Singing Bones.
Year: 2003.
Artist: The Handsome Family.

Ooh! The Handsome Family! What a great name for a band! I was so taken with Season 1 of “True Detective” and its theme tune that I had to track the band down. I’ve been playing this record at home sometimes twice a day lately…

I Love You, Honeybear

Record: I Love You, Honeybear,
Year: 2015.
Artist: Father John Misty.

I have no idea how I heard about Father John Misty. Is that a guy’s name or the band’s name? Either way, I quite like him and them.

Post Pop Depression

Record: Post Pop Depression.
Year: 2016.
Artist: Iggy Pop.

This record of Iggy’s sounds fucking great! It’s just really well recorded. It sounds big and for me, it’s Iggy’s best one since 2009. I only just found out that ‘Gardenia’ is the first single from the record. Good choice! It’s my current favourite Post Pop Depression track…

The Hateful Eight (OST)

Record: The H8ful Eight (OST).
Year: 2015.
Artist: Ennio Morricone / Various Artists.
I understand they ended up breaking a really rare Martin guitar on the film set for real. Idiots.
I still haven’t seen the film so i dunno how it works with it yet but it sounds like the sound of that Martin being smashed to smithereens made the soundtrack. I like to put this record on LOUD as I’m in the kitchen doing the dishes…

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