You Just Fucked With The Wrong Mexican.

Remember “Machete”?

Ah Machete.

“Machete” was one of the amazing fake trailers filmed for the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez “Grindhouse” movie project.

It was the first of 5 fake trailers to be shot.

We’re talking vintage B-Movies here folks and the “Machete” trailer looked so convincingly good as an actual B-Movie that it even had me fooled for a second.
As you’ll see,
It was all so promising!

Audiences demanded that it be made into a full-on feature film.

Here’s the original fake trailer made by Robert Rodriguez for use in “Grindhouse”:

Here’s the new “official” trailer for the actual movie “Machete”:

Is it me or has it already lost everything that made it good?
I mean,
Isn’t a big dazzling 20th Century Fox logo a bit of a contradiction?
How can it be an over the top, cheap looking, gritty B-Movie now?

The movie has one of the most exciting cast lists I’ve seen in a long time but that logo means it’s now a big shiny Hollywood production.

I don’t care if Robert De Niro’s is in it.
I think this film will be fucking terrible.

And not in the good way.

“The Baby” (1973).

Today’s freakshow obscure forgotten horror film is “The Baby”.

Made in 1973, It’s camper than 7 pink tents but still creepy as all hell.

From the back of the DVD:

“Ann Gentry is a social worker that has dealt with some of the toughest,
Most bizarre cases.
She thought she’d seen it all…Until Now.
Arriving at the house of her new client,
She makes a shocking discovery:
A full-grown man dressed and treated as if he were still an infant!
In fact, The entire dysfunctional family seems demented –
And Ann becomes determined to save ‘The Baby’.

On the front of the DVD it reads:
“Horror is his formula”.


That, and the campness aside,
It’s actually a very good film with a nothing short of shocking ending that I guarantee you will not see coming.

I caught this film for the first time in the 80’s when I happened to turn the TV on after midnight.

Too young.
I remember standing in front of the TV freaking out as I watched this scene:

Seems to only be available from the U. S. of A. for the time being but it’s worth tracking down.

The IMDB Page is HERE.

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