An Alternate View.

Do you know that ‘Scrubbed’ versions of movies are available online?

‘Scrubbed’ means:
‘Edited to remove nudity, sex, profanity and excessive violence’.

Robocop‘ and ‘Shaun Of The Dead‘ are just two titles on offer.

How in the hell does ‘Robocop’ work with no profanity and excessive violence?
When you remove all of that,
You’re gonna be left with a film that lasts 5 minutes,

I hate it when people censor things and muck about with editing.

That said,
I like it sometimes.

Things could have been so different…

That last one’s just plain wrong though.

An Introduction…

Alan Cook.
That’s me.

I’m 26 and I’m an Illustrator & musician from Bellshill which is just outside of Glasgow, Scotland.

I have a few other pages dotted about the place.

And here they are:

I will be using this blog to generally express myself and I’ll try my best to update it at least weekly.

Cheerio for now folks!

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