And A Big Creepy Bisexual Torso In A Pear Tree!

Hi folks,
Merry Christmas 2010!

I have here, a beer and a coffin sized box of Malteasers.
I’m relaxing y’know?
After all, I’ve been busy all month.

Know what else I have here?


A big life sized, creepy, anatomically correct, bisexual torso.


It’s in the corner of the room just now,
Just…sort of staring at me with it’s weird one eye.

My Sister always gets me interesting gifts at Christmas time.

Can anyone top that in terms of weirdness?

Dissected Knitted Animals.

Today’s weirdo internet find for weirdo’s is:
Dissected Knitted Animals.

I don’t know about you but my Granny never knitted anything like this…

Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

Arthur Rackham: “The Sleeping Beauty”.

Hi folks,

I don’t think I’m gonna be around much on here for a while.
I might!
But I might not.

In the meantime,
Here are some of my favourite Arthur Rackham illustrations.

These are from “The Sleeping Beauty” by C. S. Evans and I think they date from around 1920:

The Glasgow Royal Concert Halls Foyer Paintings.

I couldn’t find any pictures of these paintings online so I took my own.

These paintings hang in the foyer of The Glasgow Royal Concert Halls.

“Pillow Of Dreams” – Steven Campbell (1995):

You may notice that the actual pillow is missing from the painting and that is because a wee boy pulled it off a few years ago. Maybe he thought it was ridiculous 🙂
“The Pillow Of Dreams” depicts opera singer Dame Joan Sutherland garlanded with a tiara of tears, with the pillow (not) resting on her chin, a ‘place for dreams’.

I don’t know what that means either folks.
Next up,

“Concert Hall” – Adrian Wiszniewski (1995):

As you can see, Wiszeniewski’s painting shows a quartet playing various musical instruments in bright, vibrant colours.
I don’t mind that painting but this one is by far my favourite:

“Forest” – Ken Currie (1995):

“Forest” by Ken Currie depicts a dark group of figures indicating a choir, and is, according to the artist – open to individual interpretation.

Thanks Ken!
When I look at that painting I see a group of braindead old zombie corpses who are hungry for babies and brains, finding their way out of the graveyard on a cold, cold night.

“My Great Heart” – Peter Howson (1996):

Howson’s “My Great Heart” was inspired by reading Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress and the novels of John Buchan, which explore the strength of the human spirit. The image is also a distillation of the characters Howson remembers from personal experiences; from the rougher parts of Glasgow to the war-torn towns of Bosnia. The boxer is a recurrent motif as Howson was himself a boxer and for him signifies the triumph of the underdog.

Artist: David Mach.

I was thinking about Art.

I was thinking how a lot of modern art today doesn’t do a lot for me.
I was thinking of some of the best things I’ve ever seen in Art Galleries.
Things with style…

I remembered once seeing a big 7 Foot tall Astronaut Sculpture made from coat hangers.
That was good.

So I googled it and found it easy!

David Mach!

And guess what!
He’s only went and made a big coat hanger Gorilla too!

You’re probably familiar with his work too.

His great website is HERE.

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