“The Local Stigmatic” (1990).

Here is your chance to see Al Pacino’s very rarely seen film, “The Local Stigmatic“. It’s particularly interesting as Pacino tries his hand at a…Cockney accent!

From Wikipedia:
The Local Stigmatic is a film directed by David Wheeler and produced by and starring Al Pacino. It was filmed and edited during the late 1980s. It had a showing at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in March 1990, but was never released theatrically. It was released on DVD as part of “The Al Pacino Box Set” in June 2007. The film is 56 minutes long. It follows the story of two British friends who spend their time walking about London discussing dog track racing. The Local Stigmatic is based on a stage play by Heathcote Williams.”

From Rotten Tomatoes:
“Two working-class Englishmen spend their free time arguing about greyhound-racing and Winston Churchill. They also read the papers, especially the gossip columns and Society pages. In a bar one day, they meet a film star who they’ve read about, and subject him to a savage, and apparently motiveless, beating.”


Some Trivia For “The Local Stigmatic” Courtesy Of The IMDB:
* Al Pacino donated a copy to the Museum of Modern Art with the stipulation that it can only be shown with his permission. A small number of screenings have taken place since 1990. The film was not widely released until June 2007.

* Al Pacino and Paul Guilfoyle studied and examined the play for four years before they decided to make a film of it. When they finally decided to film it they spent four months rehearsing before it was finally shot. They approached the production of the film as if they were staging a play and wanted to avoid making it look too much like a film. Pacino deleted any shots looked too cinematic for his taste.

* Al Pacino, producer Michael Hadge and Joseph Maher co-starred in an Off-Broadway stage production of “The Local Stigmatic” in 1969.

* Filmed in 9 days.

* Legendary theatre producer and friend of Al Pacino, Joseph Papp was upset with Pacino for getting the film rights before he did. For many years, Papp had wanted to produce a film version of the play.

* Al Pacino began shooting exteriors for the film in 1984 while was in London doing a stage production of “American Buffalo”.

* Al Pacino strongly considered releasing the film after the success of Pulp Fiction because it is also about two nihilists.

* Director David F. Wheeler wanted Al Pacino to wear glasses throughout the film but Pacino did not want to. So they compromised by having Pacino’s character wear glasses only when he was reading.

* There are several different versions of the film since Al Pacino has continued to re-edit the film over the years.

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Clemenza’s Spaghetti Sauce.

Remember that bit in “The Godfather” where Clemenza’s cooking spaghetti sauce and he says to Michael Corleone:

“Come over here kid, learn something”.
“You never know, you might have to cook for 20 guys someday”.

Remember that?
Well, I dunno about 20 guys but this recipie will serve 8 to 10 people.
Here is…

“Clemenza’s Spaghetti Sauce”.


* 2 Table spoons of olive oil
* 2-4 cloves garlic, chopped
* 2 Large cans of chopped tomatoes.
* Tomato paste.
* 3-4 Italian sausages (Grilled & sliced).
* 1 lb Of cooked meatballs.
* 1/4 Cup of sugar.
* Red wine.


* Heat the oil over medium heat in a large pot.
* Add the garlic and cook for a few minutes (Don’t let the garlic burn).
* Add the tomatoes and tomato paste.
* Cook for about 5 minutes, stirring continuously so that a relatively smooth consistence is reached.
* Add the sausages and meatballs and stir until the meat is coated.
* Add a splash of red wine, then the sugar according to taste.
* Reduce the heat to medium-low and let simmer for a minimum of 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
* Serve by ladling over cooked pasta


Celebrity Mugshots (PART I).

You ever see the mugshot of Al Pacino as a kid?

Amazing to see how young Pacino is there.
That photo got me looking for other (In)famous mugshots and I”ve decided that ‘Ol Jim Morrison seems to hold the record:

Here are some of the other ones:

David Crosby:

Elvis Presley:

Johnny Cash:

Steve McQueen:

George Carlin:

But wait!
There’s some more!
Find them over in the next post HERE.

Happy 70th Birthday Al Pacino!

Al Pacino turned 70 Years Old Today!

How can that be???

I found this photo and thought: “Fuck! Al looks his age alright!”:

…Ah but y’see,
That’s Al in make up and character for “You Don’t Know Jack“.
I can’t wait to see that!

I think this is a more recent photo:

Happy Birthday Al Pacino!

An Old Man Thing.

I’ve found myself doing some ‘Old Man’ things lately.

There’s no good reason for it.
I was born on November 1981.
I’m 28.

I live alone so maybe that’s got something to do with it but I’ve always been like that so I doubt it.

This morning,
I spent a good half an hour looking…
No, staring at people out the window, wondering where they were going.
That’s an Old Man thing.

My ‘Old Man’ things don’t stop there though.

When I see half naked 20 year old drunk girls with legs that go on forever sauntering down Albion Street at 4 in the morning,
My first thought is: ‘Idiots. They must be fucking freezing’.

I go to bed late and get up early.
I make a sort of ‘Acccchhhhaye’ sound when I get out of a chair.
I hate clubs and luminous drinks.
I hate text speak and internet slang.
I hate that kids play swimming games on Wii’s instead of going swimming.

I spend far too much time remembering things too.
I remember…

When you had East & West Germany.

When you could go to a gig with a heavy, glass paneled beer tanker and ‘Ear Defenders’ weren’t advised or on offer.

When 10 cigarettes cost 75p and you could buy them from Woolworths (for your Granny) and smoke them in the cinema.

When only skinny people wore ‘skinny’ jeans and they weren’t called ‘Skinny jeans’. They were just called jeans.

Standing on top of a Police van and seeing Radiohead at T In The Park and wondering who they were.

Watching THIS, Live Aid and the fall of the Berlin Wall live on telly with my Family.

When T.V. stopped for the night and The National Anthem was played just like THIS.

When Johnny Depp was ‘that guy whose bed ate him’.

When film studios had original ideas.

Taping Prince’s latest single ‘Partyman’ off the radio.

Betamax, Laser and Flexi Discs and how much I hated them.

When Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Billy Connolly & Al Pacino looked like THIS, THIS, THIS & THIS.

I remember when Steve Martin’s hair wasn’t white.

Alright, alright.
I don’t actually remember when Steve Martin didn’t have white hair but look!
Apparently at one time he didn’t!

I’m moaning here.
That’s an ‘Old Man’ thing.

Fuck it.
I’ve always been old.
I was born old.

I like hanging about with older people.
I like listening to older people with stories to tell.
I like memories and folk who’ve done things in their lives.
I like hearing about the way things were.
I like to lean on railings in the afternoon and watch the town.

I like change too.
Obviously I like change!
You need it.

I still play on the swings on Glasgow Green every time I get the chance.
But these days,
I bring bread with me to feed the birds.

That’s an ‘Old Man’ thing.

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