Next Time On Al Cook’s “Necropolis”…

Hi dead body fans,
Just a note to say that this month’s Al Cook’s “Necropolis” special apperance by Jesus Of Nazareth has been postponed until next month due to stigmata related illness.

There will be two new installments going up in a few days time featuring 2 of my good pals:
…Hammer and noose.

And y’never know,
Good ol’ industrial-sized staple gun may even show up!

Keep your eyes peeled on:

Al Cook’s “Necropolis”.

Larking Around Glasgow Cathedral (Part III).

Larking Around Glasgow Cathedral (PART II).

Larking Around Glasgow Cathedral (PART I).

Anna and me took our cameras to Glasgow Cathedral the other day.
We took a ton of photos.

A Dead Giveaway.

Hi folks.
With Myspace dying a slow death,
I’ve decided to put some of my old demos up on here for download.
…With a Neil Young cover for good measure.

Click on the buttons on the right hand side of the players below for download options, images and more information etc…

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