The Universe Is Mine!

My pal Andrea is a very talented photographer. She took a photo of me holding The Moon and wearing a Tunnock’s Teacake wrapper…


…And then she made me King Of The Universe!…

all the planets

You can see and even hear more of what Andrea gets up to on her website HERE.

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The Edinburgh Alphabet By Rosemary Cunningham.

Remember Rosemary Cunningham’s amazing Glasgow Alphabet? Well, it was such a huge success that she’s only gone and illustrated an Edinburgh version!




























Keep up with Rosie by following her Illustration Facebook Page HERE and her Twitter Feed HERE.

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The Glasgow Alphabet By Rosemary Cunningham.

By illustrator Rosemary Cunningham, welcome to the Glasgow Alphabet!

A is for Armadillo!

B is for the (in)famous Barras Market

C is for the Clyde AND the Clydeport crane

D is for the Daulton Fountain in Glasgow Green

E is for E is for Eglinton Toll

F  is for the legendary Fish Plaice on the Saltmarket

G is for The GFT

H is for the Huntarian museum where weird and sometimes macabre curiosities abound!

I is for one of the three Teuchter Triangle pubs – The Islay Inn.

J is for Strathclyde University’s Jordanhill campus building – what a looker!

K is for the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens!

L is for library. The Mitchell Library!

M is for the The Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh building!

N is for Necropolis. Great days out with the dead!

O is for Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry.

P is for Panopticon!

Q is for Queen’s Cafe.

R is for The Theatre Royal.

S is for the Glasgow Subway system!

T is for The Tall Ship!

A very Glaswegian entry in the Glasgow Alphabet; U is for the Hielanman’s Umbrella at Central Station.

Architect Alexander Greek Thompson makes into the Glasgow Alphabet via V for St. Vincent Street Church!

W for Wellington!

X is for Glasgow Cross!

Y is for Yorkhill Childrens Hospital.

…And the Glasgow Alphabet finishes with Z for Glasgow Uni’s Zoological museum.

Good eh?
Keep up with Rosemary and her fabulous work by clicking right HERE.

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Dot And Tot Of Merryland: A Working Sketch.

This is my working sketch for a painting I’ve been working on for my pal Jared’s short story which he has based on L. Frank Baum’s “Dot And Tot Of Merryland“.
The painting will feature the same colours as used by W.W. Denslow in his original illustrations and I’ll post the results up on here when I’m done.

You can read L’ Frank Baum’s original story as well as see W.W. Denslow’s illustrations by clicking HERE.

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Sketches For Nobody #6.

I’ve called these ‘Sketches For Nobody’ but that’s not really true. These are all working ideas for something or other.
For years and years I’ve been throwing my working sketches away because they don’t mean anything to me after a certain point but as I get older, I’m starting to keep everything.

This is a working character sketch for a comic strip I’ve been working on called “COWAN: Homicide” which is about a cop working in 1980’s Shettleston, Glasgow.
Hopefully, I’ll have that up and running within the next few weeks.

This is a random sketch done at work to pass the time on a slow day.

Above is a working sketch for the character of a friend’s short story.

And then we have, a speedy and very jaggy sketch of L. Frank Baum’s Scarecrow from “The Wizard Of Oz”.

Lastly, this was a quick character drawing for the album cover artwork that I did for the band V For Vagina.

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