The Glasgow Artwork Of Stephen O’Neil.

I don’t know the South Side of Glasgow. I don’t know the roads or the streets and whenever I go there, I just wander around looking in shop windows and whistling to myself. Yesterday, I was doing just that when my whistling was stopped dead. Because I saw THIS PAINTING IN A SHOP WINDOW!…


…So I went in. And then I saw THIS PAINTING!…




…And THIS!…


So much Glesga! Painted beautifully. I lifted a wee card about the artist who painted these, Stephen O’Neil. It had a photo of him on the front and I was reading it when the guy behind the counter in the shop started telling me about the paintings…that he painted.

Funny. I THOUGHT you looked a bit like yourself!”, I said.
And folks, he really does.

I’ve focused on Stephen’s Glasgow images here because I’m daft aboot Glesga but you should see his New York and London work. And you can…
View Stephen’s site HERE.
Twitter and Facebook links HERE and HERE.

I still don’t know my way around the South Side of Glasgow. But at least I now know where this shop is…

Stephen O’Neil Art. 1030 Pollokshaws Road. (Opposite Langside Halls), Glasgow. G41 2HG.

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