The Soundtrack To My Life. 14/02/2014.


Record: “Saint Max Is Missing And The Fanatics Are Dead” (2013).
Artist: Saint Max And The Fanatics.
I caught this band live by chance in Glasgow last year because they were supporting Son Of Dave. Kind of like a happy, ska version of The Smiths, they are one of those bands who sound much better live than they do on record. Not that this isn’t a fine album y’understand. It’s just that it’s better to be pogoing with hundreds of other people at the time when you’re listening to Saint Max And The Fanatics.
Standout Track…


Record: “The Men From W.O.M.B.L.E.” (2013).
Artist: Alabama 3.
Well, I never saw this coming. It’s a great record! But I just didn’t see it coming. I can’t find any music videos just yet so here’s a little bit about the album from Alabama 3 themselves…

Morning Phase

Record: “Morning Phase” (2014).
Artist: Beck.
To me, this sounds like the kind of movie soundtracks that Badly Drawn Boy comes out with. Which is by no means a bad thing at all. I love Badly Drawn Boy’s soundtracks. It’s just that THIS IS BECK we’re talking about here and this is definitely not “Mutations”.
Sample Track…


Record: “The Big Dream” (2013).
Artist: David Lynch.
I really like David Lynch’s first album “Crazy Clown Time” and I did like this second one but as more of a background record. I listened to it last week as I was drawing a picture and got lost in it but the following day I listened to it through headphones as I walked around town and it bored me stiff. It’s one of those albums. You have to listen to it at the right time, under the right conditions. Like Neil Young’s “Tonight’s The Night”.album and like David Lynch’s work in general really.
Title Track…


Record: “Croz” (2014).
Artist: David Crosby.
This is exactly like you’d imagine a David Crosby 2014 solo record to sound. It’s nice enough but it’s not this…


Record: “Cage The Elephant” (2008).
Artist: Cage The Elephant.
Standout Track…

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