The Soundtrack To My Life. 09/01/2014.

Hi folks, I’ve been record shopping again!
Here’s what I’ve been listening to of late…


Record: “Re-Animator” (OST). (Vinyl Re-Release. 2013).
Artist: Richard Band.
Standout Track…


Record: “Chimpin The Blues” With Jerry Zolten & R. Crumb.
Artist: Various.
Standout Track…

Being Flynn

Record: “Being Flynn” (OST). (2012).
Artist: Badly Drawn Boy.
Standout Track…


Record: “Pokey LaFarge” (2013).
Artist: Pokey LaFarge.
Standout Track…

Record: “Peace Sword”. (EP). (2013).
Artist: The Flaming Lips.


Record: “03”. (2008).
Artist: Son Of Dave.
Standout Track…


Record: “AM”. (2013).
Artist: Arctic Monkeys.
Standout Track…


Record: “Dear Miss Lonely Hearts”. (2013).
Artist: Cold War Kids.


Record: “NEW”. (2013).
Artist: Paul McCartney.
Standout Track…

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