If you happen to put up with me on Twitter, you’ll maybe be aware that I’ve been not so secretly developing a new comic-strip about 80’s and 90’s Hair-Rock ‘Ledge’, Jon Bon Jovi!

Is ‘Hair-Rock’ a term? If it isn’t, I coined it!

The comic-strip is called “SHOT THROUGH THE HEART …The Completely Made Up Life & Times Of Jon Bon Jovi” and the first part was supposed to be finished and available to view on this very blog today! And it WAS

…Until last night when I noticed that I’d centered the first story around a song which I always thought was by Bon Jovi. Turns out that the song I had chosen was by Robert Palmer and that I’d mistaken it for Bon Jovi because they’d covered it once or twice! That’s what I get for jumping headfirst into something without doing any sort of research.

* Note To Self:
Doing a comic-strip about Bon Jovi? – Listen to Bon Jovi, idiot!

So that meant that my week worth of writing and drawing was all for nothing and that I had to come up with a completely different story altogether for the first strip.

The good news is that I have. The bad news is that it probably won’t be ready for another week.

I started to redraw everything last night and if I do say so myself,  HOOOOOOO I’M HALFWAY THERE!

Here’s how things currently look so far:

STTH Header

I decided to do a strip about Bon Jovi in the first place because I need an outlet for the scenarios I imagine whenever I catch one of their songs on the radio. I don’t imagine it’ll run for more than 15 or so installments but if it attracts even 15 people, I’ll be happy.

I’ll upload the strips onto this here blog when the time comes. The best way to currently keep up to date is to follow me on Twitter but if you do that, you’ll also have to put up with lots of other stuff that will have nothing whatsoever to do with Jon Bon Jovi or comics!

*EDIT! The finished strip can be viewed HERE.

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