The Soundtrack To My Life. 08/05/2013.

Are you sick of your record collection? Are you looking for new and exciting sounds?
I am. All the time! Recommend some things to me whydon’tcha!
Here’s what I’ve been listening to of late…


Record: Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor.
Artist: Rob Zombie.
Year: 2013.
Standout Track…

Basic RGB

Record: The Terror.
Artist: The Flaming Lips.
Year: 2013.
Standout Track…

People, Hell and Angels

Record: People, Hell And Angels.
Artist: Jimi Hendrix.
Year: 2013.
Standout Track…


Record: La Traviata.
Artist: Verdi. (The Rome Opera House Orchestra And Chorus conducted by Tullio Serafin).
Year: 1956.
Standout Track… All of it. It’s an opera, but here’s a little taster…


Record: Next…
Artist: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
Year: 1973.
Standout Track…


Record: If I Could Only Remember My Name…
Artist: David Crosby.
Year: 1971.
Standout Track…

Kickin' It

Record: Kickin’ It!
Artist: Peg Leg Sam.
Year: Recorded in 1970 & 1972, Released 2000.
Standout Track…


Record: Hot.
Artist: Squirrel Nut Zippers.
Year: 1996.
Standout Track…

Pussy Cats

Record: Pussy Cats.
Artist: Harry Nilsson & John Lennon.
Year: 1974.
Standout Track…


Record: Walls And Bridges.
Artist: John Lennon.
Year: 1974.
Standout Track…


Record: Raising Sand.
Artist: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss.
Year: 2007.
Standout Track…

Frank's Wild Years

Record: Franks Wild Years.
Artist: Tom Waits.
Year: 1987.
Standout Track…


Record: Carry On Up The Charts. The Best Of The Beautiful South.
Artist: The Beautiful South.
Year: 1994.
Standout Track…

Computer World

Record: Computer World.
Artist: Kraftwerk.
Year: 1981.
Standout Track…

EnjoY In Music!

Record: Ready To Die.
Artist: Iggy And The Stooges.
Year: 2013.
Standout Track…

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