On The Set: The Movie Filming Locations Channel.

Apparently, the entire internet weighs about 1.8 ounces. That’s about the same size as a single strawberry. I think we could slim it down to the size of a single small raspberry if we were to remove every Youtube video featuring cats. I hate cats. They’re sneaky bastards.

One of the more interesting Youtube Channels I’ve recently discovered is “On The Set: Movie Filming Locations”. It has to be organised by a madman. A rich madman who basically visits the sets of his favourite movies and shows how the locations have changed over the years. Unlike a lot of amateur videos on the ‘Tube, this guy makes and edits them very well.

* The Shining:

* The Lost Boys

* Home Alone:

* The Birds:

Just in case you’re incredibly stupid, the direct link to “On Set: The Movie Filming Locations Channel” is HERE. Their Facebook page is pretty useful too. Surprisingly it gets updated pretty regularly and you can find that HERE.

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