The Glasgow Alphabet By Rosemary Cunningham.

By illustrator Rosemary Cunningham, welcome to the Glasgow Alphabet!

A is for Armadillo!

B is for the (in)famous Barras Market

C is for the Clyde AND the Clydeport crane

D is for the Daulton Fountain in Glasgow Green

E is for E is for Eglinton Toll

F  is for the legendary Fish Plaice on the Saltmarket

G is for The GFT

H is for the Huntarian museum where weird and sometimes macabre curiosities abound!

I is for one of the three Teuchter Triangle pubs – The Islay Inn.

J is for Strathclyde University’s Jordanhill campus building – what a looker!

K is for the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens!

L is for library. The Mitchell Library!

M is for the The Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh building!

N is for Necropolis. Great days out with the dead!

O is for Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry.

P is for Panopticon!

Q is for Queen’s Cafe.

R is for The Theatre Royal.

S is for the Glasgow Subway system!

T is for The Tall Ship!

A very Glaswegian entry in the Glasgow Alphabet; U is for the Hielanman’s Umbrella at Central Station.

Architect Alexander Greek Thompson makes into the Glasgow Alphabet via V for St. Vincent Street Church!

W for Wellington!

X is for Glasgow Cross!

Y is for Yorkhill Childrens Hospital.

…And the Glasgow Alphabet finishes with Z for Glasgow Uni’s Zoological museum.

Good eh?
Keep up with Rosemary and her fabulous work by clicking right HERE.

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