Trailer: “Drew: The Man Behind The Poster”.

I didn’t even know about this documentary until a pal sent it to me but here’s the trailer for “Drew: The Man Behind The Poster” which is about the greatest movie poster artist alive and one of my favourite artists in general, Mr. Drew Struzan:

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  1. He’s a cracking artist Alan. For my sins, I’m a Star Wars fan, the movies mainly but also a lot of the Expanded Universe books and I believe he drew the covers of most of them. I believe he also did the artwork for the Spaced DVD 3 disc edition which is very Star Wars-y!

  2. I grew up with Star Wars. My Dad was RIGHT INTO THEM.
    I recently watched those other 3 Star Wars films and I thought they were rubbish. All 3 of them.

    But aye, Drew Struzan is a very talented man.

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