BBC TV: Dr. Terror’s Vault Of Horror.

I had trouble even remembering his name for a while.
It was so long ago…

I would have been 8 or 9…or maybe even 10. I don’t know but it would have been the 1990’s and almost midnight and I would be awake and glued to the my wee flickery TV with fuzzy reception.
Dr. Terror would appear on the screen to introduce the scary horror film of the evening.

Dr. Terror. That was his name. He was a cartoonishly (That’s a word!) sinister horror host for the BBC. An elegantly scary class act!

Do you remember this guy?

Those were the days.
Back then, there were fields as FAR AS THE EYE COULD SEE…
10 pence. That was a lot of money then y’know!

I remember it all and in those days the BBC would run horror double bills at midnight on Fridays and it really was an education.

The good old Doctor introduced me to the likes of “Child’s Play” (1988), “The People Under The Stairs” (1991), “Sometimes They Come Back” (1991) and obscurities like “The Baby” (1973), “VAMP” (1986) and “House” (1986).

I also grew up watching Hammer Horror flicks and Dr. Terror’s Vault Of Horror re-ran a lot of them.
I have a particularly good memory of being dog tired in my dressing gown, keeping myself awake so I could watch “Scars Of Dracula” (1970) at 2am.

Things haven’t changed much since that’s exactly what I was doing at 2am only two nights ago and I’m 30 years old now!

Anyway, it really was a great time to be young and impressionable and luckily for you and me, a few videos of Dr. Terror exist and here they are:

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  1. I have really fond memories of this too and really hope that one day the BBC do something similar. Like you I was introduced to the films I have loved and treasured such as Vamp, The Lost Boys and The Fog to name a few. The Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing films are my foundations of horror though. I remember my Dad setting the VCR to record them on a Friday night which I would then watch (terrified!) at about 7am on the Saturday morning whilst my parents were still in bed! It shaped my taste in movies and I now have a huge horror collection which is still growing. I just wish to go back and have that again. Except be able to stay up with a hot chocolate and enjoy that more personal showing of those classics with the great Dr Terror (Walpurgis) setting them up before they start. Sounds strange I know but having that tailored slot around 11:00 – 12:00 on a Friday night for us horror fans was something that has been lost. Even just before BBC 1/2 closed down they would sometimes tease you with next weeks installment. Oh and just in case you missed it…

    Here’s a link to the night The Dr started on the BBC and a big thank you to the person who uploaded it!

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