Harry Potter: The Extra Special Extended Anniversary Unrated Bonus Deluxe Director’s Cut.

I never got around to reading any of the Harry Potter books and I’ve only ever seen one of the films but I know how crazy people go for them both. I also used to work in a book shop.

Yep, I used to work in a book shop and I remember the amount of people who camped outside for DAYS just so they could get their hands on JK Rowling’s latest. I thought they were all nuts.

When the time came, I opened up the shop in the morning and hundreds of kids and adults dressed as wizards poured into the place. They were all so excited and crazy. In fact, they were so crazy that I had to stand up on a table and threaten to read the last page of the new book out loud unless they calmed the hell down!
That shut them all up right away.

The fans of Harry Potter really are fanatical and that’s fine but I hate to see anyone get ripped off and that’s exactly what Warner Brothers are about to do when they release all of the Harry Potter films as a 31 Disc Blu-Ray Box Set.
You heard me correctly my little magicians.
– 31 DISCS!

I don’t care what anyone says. No film needs that amount of ‘Special Feature’ discs. This thing rolls in at $500.00 and right away, Amazon.com jumped in to say that they can mark it down to $349.00 if you pre-order it now.
– That was nice of them wasn’t it?

They must think that they’re dealing with idiots here.
This box was always gonna cost $349.00 but if they tell everyone that it’s worth $500.00, it’ll seem like a bargain. Amazon and Warner Bros are taking you for an idiot and if you buy this box, you ARE an idiot with more money than sense.

Do you need the theatrical version, the director’s cut AND the Extended cut?
Do you need me to explain to you why the ‘Free’ DVD discs included in this Blu-Ray Box aren’t free at all?
Do you need 2D AND 3D versions of the films?
Do you even have a 3D TV to watch them on?

And don’t give me the “But it’s a collector’s item” line either because if you buy this and then don’t even open it then you are dead inside.

This box set isn’t out yet but one person summed it all up perfectly when he said:
For $349 I’d be expecting to shag Hermione“.

I’ll leave it at that.

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  1. I just loved your solution to get everyone to behave – the best lol.

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